Secret Skype Smileys Hidden Skype Emoticons Skype Icons Animations

If Yahoo Messenger has Yahoo Messenger Hidden Emoticons, Skype Voice and Instant Messenger Chat also has a bunch of Hidden Emoticons. We can also said Skype Hidden Emoticons as Secret Skype Smiles Smileys or Hidden Skype Icons Animation. If you want to understand and find out what all of Hidden skype Icons available with its shortcut key, You can watch MetaCafe Video Tutorial View of Skype Secret Smileys.

Hidden Skype Emoticons at MetaCafe

Shortcut Key and Image Base of Hidden Secret Smiley of Skype Emoticons

We understand that using video you can’t copy paste the shortcut character of Hidden Icon of Skype to your Skype IM Chat Windows. Don’t worry, you can view and copy paste the Skype Icons by visiting Regular and Hidden Skype Emoticon web help. It including static Smiley Icons and Animations Smiley Icons of Skype Emoticons