Skype Call available in FaceBook

We had heard the information that recently there was “a talk” between Skype and Facebook. Now, some of Facebook users around the world hard noticed about this “integration between Skype and FaceBook. Yes, Skype now available in Facebook. That means you can make a call from your facebook account using Skype Call (VoiP). And it seems it only a matter of time to make Facebook integrated with Skype Video Call.

You may noticed the integration between Skype and Facebook if you saw a change in your facebook page: there was a notification that you suggested to login to your Skype account and Skype friends list to Facebook. The prompted login look like this:

That means, you will see the icon of skype call only when your facebook friends same as your skype friends. You’ll not see the skype call button if your friends aren’t your friends list of skype.
Source: techchunch & allfacebook