Skype Client for Mobile Phone Voice Messenger

You want to use Skype in your mobile phone? Now, You can install Skype in Your Mobile Phone using Skype Client. Even though, this Skype Mobile Phone is in beta version, you can achieve so many thing, such as better voice talk, and of course cheaper voice talk. We knew that Skype can be used as Talk to Talk or VoIP with mobile number, therefore you can call your friends mobile number with your skype account, and of course it take cheaper than ordinary calls.

Skype for your mobile is a mini, beta version of Skype that you can download on to your mobile. You don’t need to switch operators or get a specialised phone. The software is free – although there might be a small data charge from your operator if you download it straight to your mobile.

Features available in Skype for Mobile Phone

Contact in your pocket. This features will allow you to save and manage Skype contacts on your mobile phone. Talk or Instant Message. You can choose whether you wanna get talk with your friends of just tak an Instant Message with him/her. And many more.

Compatibility Mobile Phone

You can use Skype for Mobile in Nokia, Samsung and many more.

The java based mobile Skype client works on around 50 of the most popular Java-enabled mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

List Possible Compatibility of Skype on Mobile Phone:

Motorola: Motorola E398, Motorola L6, Motorola ROKR E1, Motorola ROKR E2, Nokia: Nokia 2630, Nokia 2865, Nokia 3155 (CDMA), Nokia 3250, Nokia 3230, Nokia 5300, Nokia 6233, Nokia 6235 (CDMA), Nokia 6280, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6600 black, Nokia 6630, Nokia 7210, Nokia E61, Nokia N70, Samsung: Samsung E590, Samsung Z370, Siemens: Siemens S65, Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson K300i, Sony Ericsson K508i, Sony Ericsson K510i, Sony Ericsson K550i, Sony Ericsson K610i, Sony Ericsson K618, Sony Ericsson K750i, Sony Ericsson W200i, Sony Ericsson W550, Sony Ericsson W800i, Sony Ericsson W810, Sony Ericsson W850, Sony Ericsson W880i, Sony Ericsson W950i, Sony Ericsson Z558

Download Skype Mobile

You can download Skype Client for Hand Phone aka Mobile Phone at below. If you want to get more information of Skype for Mobile just visit Skype Mobile official Page.

Download Skype Mobile Beta

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