Skype IM Symbols Animation Codes

Skype Emoticons Symbols

We ever wrote about Skype Emoticons at Hidden condition, but if you wanna make it clear how to use Hidden Emoticons of Skype / Symbols animation with shortcut key codes and generate the picture animation, we found a great help to do it. Just follow our tutorial to use and generate Skype Symbols with it code below:

Skype Symbols Animation Codes

Actually it simple to use Skype Symbols with Shortcut key codes. You just need to write the name of the Emoticon or Symbol of skype in parantheses like this ones:

  • (bandit) for bandit emoticon
  • (drunk) for drunk face emoticon
  • (rock) rock emoticon
  • (smoking) for smoking symbols
  • (banghead) frustrated emoticon
  • (finger) middle finger – you know what it means!
  • (fubar) angry and mad
  • (swear) I swear smiley
  • (tmi) too much information
  • (toivo) wave and dog
  • (poolparty) Swim with duck
  • (mooning) mooning emoticon
  • (bug) bug emoticon
  • (heidy) A squirrel eating a nut
  • (myspace) MySpace icon

And for flag of the nations you can do like this:

  • (flag:ae) Untied Arab Emirates
  • (flag:au) Australia
  • (flag: br) Brasil
  • (flag:ca) Canada
  • (flag:cn) China
  • (flag:cu) Cuba
  • (flag:de) Germany
  • (flag:eg) Egypt
  • (flag:eu) European Union
  • (flag:fr) France
  • (flag:hk) Hong Kong
  • (flag:ie) Ireland
  • (flag:id) Indonesia
  • (flag:il) Israel
  • (flag:iq) Iraq
  • (flag:in) India
  • (flag:ir Iran
  • (flag:it) Italy
  • (flag:jp) Japan
  • ( Lebanon
  • (flag:mx) Mexico
  • (flag:nz) New Zealand
  • (flag:ru) Russia
  • (flag:tr) Turkey
  • (flag:uk) United Kingdom
  • (flag:us) USA
  • (flag:za) South Africa

Just copy paste the code to your Skype IM and then press Enter or Send it to your friends! Enjoy!


  1. Chloe says

    Love it!! I always talk to my friends On Skype instead of oovoo because I like using faces so I just lov that you can see the faces on like Mobile devices!! Thanks!!!

  2. Kosal says

    I am very happy that can use the smiley code of skyp .
    Can u make more like in facebook code?
    Cuz i think it is not many.

    or u can recommand me for other web to get it more.


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