Skype Invisible Detector Checker Status

Sometime, a user’s of Skype wanna know whether their contact list / friends are online or not. It simply can be done by seeing their online status (icons or text) in contact lists. But, how we can detect if they are actually online but in the state of offline like stealth mode Invisible Status?

Skype Invisible Status Detector / Skype Inv Status Checker

Actually there is a way to scan and detect Invisible Status of Skype by using a bot software that would send a data to the targeted Skype ID and then analysis whether they online of offline. But, it seems that the kind of this ways didn’t popular just like Invisible Status of Yahoo Messenger. That why there is no website or desktop tools to make you able to detect Skype Invisible status.

Forget about Skype Invisible Detector

That why the best advice for you, is don’t looking for again to detect invisible status in skype if you do not had an experience in programming. If you insist to get the Invisible Status Software of Skype, created by your self.

If you find any program / software / website that claimed it can be used to detect Skype Invisible Status, you must be careful. It could be a scam site that gather the information of your ID (such as gather thousand of username of Skype that would be used to make username list in the Skype Cracking Password Software). Be ware and be Wise!