SkypeTrance – Skype Translator Translate Chat Instant Messages

If in Windows Live Messenger there is a Robot that works like translator from English to many of various languages via WLTbot, so do In Skype there is application for Skype that would allow us to Translate Skype Instant Message Chat into several languages. The Application named as SkypeTrance. Skype for Skype and Trance for Translate or Translator.  To use this Skype Translator, you only need to start Skype that Start SkypeTrance and choose the desired languages to receive the message, and the language to translate on outgoing messages. All incoming Instant Messages chat, you can see in the SkypeTrance.

SkypeTrance Supports Languages

Skype Translator supports Translation from English to German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian and Italian.

What is SkypeTrance?
SkypeTrance is a software module allowing automatic translation of chat messages in Skype from and to English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian.

Download Skype Translator
Mirror Link from Softpedia: SkypeTrance Download

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