LiveGo – Combine Multi IM Client + Email + Social Networking (Web Base)

Have you familiarize with the Instant Messenger client web base platform (3rd Party) called as MessengerFX – formerly web base client of MSN Messenger? If you ever heard that name, we will tell you a good news regarding of the continuation of this MSN Web Messenger.

Right now, the MessengerFX project turned out to be something big called as LiveGo. LiveGo still able to use MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) as a web base client, but it also has “more” good features.

LiveGo Multi IM client, Social Network, Email Client

As successor of Messenger FX, Live Go right now not only MSN Messenger Client but capable to be use as Multi Instant Messenger Client, use it as Email Client, and also Social Networking Client.

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IgniteIM – Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you had an iPad (whether is WiFi or Wifi + 3G) or iPhone (3G or 4G Generation), or iPod Touch that already run using iOS 3.0 / higher (such as the latest version OS: iOS 4.2 Softwre), and you wanna use Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Windows Live Messenger to chat with in just ONE Client (usually called as All in One Chat Client), you can try IgniteIM Multi Protocol IM Application for your iPad iPhone or iPod Touch.

IgniteIM - Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch

As we said above, the Ignite IM would help you to connect to all of Instant Messaging Protocol that been supported, such as AOL Instant Messaging, ICQ, MySpaceIM, YM, GTalk, WLM and FB Chat. Of course you need to had each of the account of the IM Protocol.

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Mig33 for Android (New!)

As you might knew, Mig33 is one of Mobile Instant Messaging Service that has a huge number or users (said 40 million users) and it can be used in most of Mobile Phone. To day, Mig33 began to spread their service into Mig33 for Android PhoneAndroid Community with released Mig33 for Android Phone (read the official blog released at here). It said, as long as you are using Android Phone that run under Eclair aka Android 2.1 Version or higher (Froyo Android 2.2 or Gingerbread) you can try and used Mig33 on your SmartPhone — for example LG Optimus T (Android Froyo), Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.1 Eclair), or Motorola Droid Pro (Android 2.2 Froyo).

Unlike others Mobile Messenger that did not provide Chat Room, mig33 do had a Chat Room aka Group Chat that would make a great opportunities to create social community chat. Others commons features also available; games, avatar, contact list, emoticons, and also Multi IM Protocol client supported; YM, MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger WLM, GTalk / Google Talk, Facebook, and also AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

For Developer: You can create virtual goods such as games, to make you able get the revenue on mig33 (share). Mig33 also available to used VoiP, SMS, and others virtual goods.

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Spell Checker of Yahoo, Windows Live, Skype and Miranda IM Messenger

spell checker messenger add ons

For Professional or anyone who need to make “perfect” conversations without any miss-spelling such as Public Relation, salesman and others jobs that need a kind of it and they also communicate with the client or colleague through Instant Messenger Services such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger, Skype or even through Multi Protocol Messenger Client likes Miranda IM, you can try the add on of Messenger Tool called as IM Spell Checker.

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Fring for iPhone with Video Call (VoiP)

The new version of Fring for iPhone (Fring is multi mobile protocol messenger that allwo you to connect several Messenger Service such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN/WLM, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, and many more) now has a brand new feature relating with VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Right now if you download Fring for your iPhone 4 (3G, 3GS and older, might be), you’ll be available to use Video Call. This means you’ll be to use voice through VoIP and also used your iPhne webcam to transfer the video camera with your Call partner through 3G connection.

Even though the quality of the Video is not as good as if you using WiFi to WiFi.

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KDE Instant Messenger (Unix) – Kopete

Kopete is Instant Messenger specially design for Unix workstations (including Linux, FreeDSB, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X). Sometime Kopete called as KDE Instant Messenger because of its designed for KDE. Kopete can be categories as multi protocol instant messenger that can be used for AIM, Windows Live Messenger (WLM), Yahoo Messenger (YM), Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, Novell GroupWise Messenger etc.

You can even used SILC or Anti Spam Plugin along with Kopete. This could be means that Kopete would be very secure for Instant Messaging (we knew that SILC is a secure way to make a chat or conference)

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Tutorial to Use Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QQ, AIM, MSN in Nokia N900

If you wanna add the Messenger Services on your Nokia N900 (by default aka N900 supports VoiP and IM from Skype, GTalk, Facebook Chat, Jabber, Ovi and SIP) likes Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger / AIM, ICQ, Gadu-gadu, QQ, Sametimes, MSN Messenger aka WLM or others that are not officially supported by default of Nokia N900 you can try to follow the video tutorial from Youtube below. Enjoy

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