Y!Tunnel Pro now available in Free Version

Actually, we been informed by Chet Simpson (seem to be the developer of Y!Tunnel Pro), that on July 13, YTunnel Pro had a free version that ready to be used for anyone in non commercial usage. We had already mentioned before that we do not share about YTunnel due to this “extension advanced Yahoo Messenger Client” is not available for free, but right now, the owners seems to changed their mind.

YTunnel Pro Free Version

Just wanted to give you a heads up, a new major release of Y!TunnelPro is
now available and it is now free. The new version 2.6 is currently in beta
(V2.5 is our current stable release) and provides support for Messenger 11.
A new version containing some critical improvements will be made available
this weekend.

Chet Simpson

Why we do not write this article on the day we got news that Y Tunnel was free? It because we need to re-assured that this “free version” of Y!Tunnel is not “merely” a short period promotion (a kind of advertisement).

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Y!Boots Yahoo Messenger Chat Client Room Y Boots

After taking hiatus for a while from this blog, we finally able to coming back with a great info regarding with Yahoo Tools and Its Chat client. In our experience, this Yahoo Chat Client that we wanna discuss below can be categorized as New Chat Client for YM Chat Room with boot / spam protection.

Y!Boots Yahoo Room Chat Client Download

The name of the Y!M Chat Client is Y!Boots. It seems this name dedicated to the official website of this yboots / y boots client that available at www.yboots.tk.

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Y!TunnelPro & a Little Note about it

If you are our blog reader and also had good experience on using varied of Yahoo Messenger clients, you might noticed that we never discuss some chat client that sound familiar in your mind. For example, Y!TunnelPro / YTunnel Pro.

Y!Tunnel Pro is one of popular integrated chat client of Yahoo Messenger (works with official yahoo messenger client, it also can be named as YM tweak / YM enhancement) that gain many of YM users. Indeed, it has some good feature (flood filtering, ignore list, spam filter, font effect, chat room enhancement, etc). The question is, Why we never share or review about this Chat client? The answer is simple, it because, officially, you only able to use Y!TunnelPro if you buy from the owner. It’s not a free yahoo tool software.

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YCaddy – Yahoo Chat Client Y!Caddy

Ycaddy Yahoo Messenger Chat Client

It almost a year we did not share any of 3rd party of Yahoo Messenger Chat Client aka unofficial Yahoo Chat Client. Right now, there were some of Y!M Chat Client –3rd party / unofficial — that been released via Underground community of Yahoo. Some of them got pretty good feature. And one of the Client of YM that we wanna talk and share at this time called as Y!Caddy or just simply called as YCaddy (Y Caddy, Y for Yahoo Messenger, Caddy for Cadillac ). This Y Chat Client programmed under C-Sharp and need Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5 or above to run properly (You can download it free from Microsoft or just googling it).

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R4 Chat Client Yahoo Messenger

We just found another great Yahoo Messenger Chat Client that you can try to use it free. Called as R4 Yahoo Chat Client. It seem the name of R4 was derived from the author nickname “R4″. Although it been shared in most of Yahoo Forum, the Client itself didn’t really popular among YM users (compared to Yazak, Yahaven, or YSupra)

R4 Yahoo Chat Client

Features in R4 Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger

R4 is designed to be simplified and light. The Features in R4 including; Chat Room, Avatar Display Image Grabber ability, Custom Font Size and Color, Sound, Anti Voice Lagg, Voice Domination, Anti Boot / Unbootable, Smiley Emoticons, using Ymsg1025 non SSL for Login, Anti Spam, Spam Detection and Filter and many more.

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Y!Metal Yahoo Messenger Chat Client YMetal

This Yahoo Messenger Chat client called as Y!Metal was formerly known as Y-Metal (with dash to separate within Y and Metal in older version than in the newest version that used Y! to represent Yahoo as their separator between Y and Metal). Developed by programmer that has a name Kevin Dunn. Of course, as it developed and created not from Yahoo itself (released by other people that not affiliate with Yahoo), Y!Metal can be categorized as 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. Y!Metal is desktop Client application of Yahoo Messenger that needed to be downloaded and installed in your computer before you can use it and run it. In other word Y!Metal isn’t web base chat client but Desktop Chat Client of YM.

Y!Metal Features

Among Yahoo Messenger users, they love to used 3rd party chat client because of they don’t find a good features in official Yahoo Messenger such as Anti Boot / Boot Protection, to many advertisement and many more. Therefore by using 3rd Party Chat Client like Y!Metal, they can obtain what they don’t find in Official client. Features in YMetal are: Anti Boot / Boot Protection, no Advertisement at all, Multi Private Message / Instant Message (PM / IM) with Smiley, Font Color, Sound, Report PMS to Yahoo Save Guard, Ignore, and common feature that also available in Yahoo Messenger (official), Room List Generator / Chooser, Chat Room with single and Multi Room Invite, Buddy List, Anti Spam, Ignore, Proxies socks4 and socks5 supported, raw voice system in Chat room (Voice Dominance and lag Protection), Re-sizable windows chat, support YMSG 102 Protocol, Save as chat session (history chat archive), captcha, and many more.

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Yahoo Messenger Boot Application Software for Mobile Smart Phone?

We believe that it just a matter of time until the programmer / booter software developer develope an application Yahoo Boot software that can be run from Mobile Phone Devices (especially Smart Phone). Recently, there were only few of them that developed the boot software for mobile device and the software seemly only created to create few boot attack (usually only attack on the implementation of vulnerability of the ym client). That means, ym boot that usually has an ability to make flooding (by using hundred or thousand of bots ID) still not proper to be used in Smart Phone or Mobile Phone Devices.

It is because of the “Brain” aka Processor of the Mobile Phone device didn’t good enough to handle boot software. But recently, the development of technology in Smart Phone would make it ” possible”. Right now, we believe that any kind of Yahoo Boot software can be run in Smart Phone.

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