Yahoo Messenger 11 ( Download Offline Installer now Available 11.5 (Update)

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 version

I just checked my Yahoo Messenger and then noticed that right now the newest version of Yahoo Messenger 11 is available. It been said that the current available version is the version (the Update for version now available. FYI, this update would allow you to show/hide the “Recent Contact list view” via “Contacts” Menu).

You are currently running Yahoo! Messenger A newer version, Yahoo! Messenger is now available. Please update your version of Yahoo! Messenger to ensure that you have the latest features and security updates. Click the “Update Now” button to continue

What’s new?

This news definitely right because it also been said also at the official of Yahoo Messenger Blog. According to this official blog, the newest version 11.5 has a capability to create tab windows Instant Message (Tab-IM). The Tab IM is placed on the bottom of the windows IM. For the quick look overview, it can be seen from the picture below.

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Paltalk Password Recovery Free Download n Review

Usually the password recovery in any of software use the ways of cracking password do. They just try to get a password back when you didn’t remember that. There are two ways to make your password recover from loosing or forgotten password: Using crack system that with algorithm they try as many as they need to get back the password, and the second is try to find the password in your computer (usually when you click Remember Password in Login Windows of your IM System Client).

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk in one of many popular IM Service and Client available in the Internet. If you forget your password username or ID of Paltalk you can try this Paltalk Tool called Paltalk Password Recovery. You can get back any password stored in Paltalk Client (not in Messenger Server) in your computer (second way of getting back your password. Read out explanation above), including AIM, ICQ, and also Yahoo Messenger. It works with all Paltalk Client Version (8.2 to 9.2).

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Fring for iPhone with Video Call (VoiP)

The new version of Fring for iPhone (Fring is multi mobile protocol messenger that allwo you to connect several Messenger Service such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN/WLM, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, and many more) now has a brand new feature relating with VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Right now if you download Fring for your iPhone 4 (3G, 3GS and older, might be), you’ll be available to use Video Call. This means you’ll be to use voice through VoIP and also used your iPhne webcam to transfer the video camera with your Call partner through 3G connection.

Even though the quality of the Video is not as good as if you using WiFi to WiFi.

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KDE Instant Messenger (Unix) – Kopete

Kopete is Instant Messenger specially design for Unix workstations (including Linux, FreeDSB, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X). Sometime Kopete called as KDE Instant Messenger because of its designed for KDE. Kopete can be categories as multi protocol instant messenger that can be used for AIM, Windows Live Messenger (WLM), Yahoo Messenger (YM), Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, Novell GroupWise Messenger etc.

You can even used SILC or Anti Spam Plugin along with Kopete. This could be means that Kopete would be very secure for Instant Messaging (we knew that SILC is a secure way to make a chat or conference)

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Tutorial to Use Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QQ, AIM, MSN in Nokia N900

If you wanna add the Messenger Services on your Nokia N900 (by default aka N900 supports VoiP and IM from Skype, GTalk, Facebook Chat, Jabber, Ovi and SIP) likes Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger / AIM, ICQ, Gadu-gadu, QQ, Sametimes, MSN Messenger aka WLM or others that are not officially supported by default of Nokia N900 you can try to follow the video tutorial from Youtube below. Enjoy

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How Long Before Status Message go to Idle?

Ask: How Long Before Status Message go to Idle?

Possible Answer #1: If you mean Idle Status in IM Client of Yahoo Messenger, the answer is: its depend to preference setting on your Yahoo Messenger Client under Preferences –> Privacy –> Show me as “Idle” if I don’t use the computer for [1] minutes. [1] is the lowest number and can be edited as many as your want. And you’ll never get “Idle” status if you choose “Do not show anyone how long I have been idle.”

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Chatab – FaceBook, AIM, SameTime, Yahoo, GTalk, QQ, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, MSN, LiveJournal, MySpaceIM Web Chat Client

Chatab is new Web Messenger Client that support Multiple Protocol Messenger Service. Its support Gadu Gadu, QQ, ICQ, MSN / WLM, Gtalk, LiveJournal, XMPP, MySpaceIM, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, SameTime, FaceBook Chat, and SIMPLE.

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Easy Message – Ultra-lite Multi IM Client: MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo

Looking for Multi Protocol Client / Multi IM client? You could try Easy Message. Easy Message is one of Multi Protocol Instant Messenger Client that supports MSN aka WLM, AOL aka AIM, ICQ and also Yahoo Messenger. It works so lightly that why it calls as Ultra lite Multi Instant Messenger Client. The download size of this client only 270KB.

Features in Easy Message

File Transfer that allow you to send and receive any file from your friend or to your friend in all of your contact list is one of many features available in easymessage. Another features are: Group Chat, Simple Interface, Sound Notification, POP3 Mail Notification, Proxy and Firewall supports.

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