WebMessenger.Yahoo.com (Yahoo Web Messenger) would retire soon / no longer exist per Nov 1

Although this is seems to be a bad news, that according to ymessengerblog.com, we had to say good bye to Yahoo Web Messenger at webmessenger.yahoo.com by November 1, 2011. So prepare for your self. Yet, this farewell of Yahoo Messenger on the “Web” is not actually the death of YM Web Messenger in the term that you no longer able to access your YM via web browser. It because you still able to chat with your friends through Yahoo Messenger in Yahoo Mail, or even uses another third party Yahoo Messenger like Meebo.com or eBuddy.com.

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Y!Tunnel Pro now available in Free Version

Actually, we been informed by Chet Simpson (seem to be the developer of Y!Tunnel Pro), that on July 13, YTunnel Pro had a free version that ready to be used for anyone in non commercial usage. We had already mentioned before that we do not share about YTunnel due to this “extension advanced Yahoo Messenger Client” is not available for free, but right now, the owners seems to changed their mind.

YTunnel Pro Free Version

Just wanted to give you a heads up, a new major release of Y!TunnelPro is
now available and it is now free. The new version 2.6 is currently in beta
(V2.5 is our current stable release) and provides support for Messenger 11.
A new version containing some critical improvements will be made available
this weekend.

Chet Simpson

Why we do not write this article on the day we got news that Y Tunnel was free? It because we need to re-assured that this “free version” of Y!Tunnel is not “merely” a short period promotion (a kind of advertisement).

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Facebook Video Call (Webcam Voice Chat Camera) with Skype – Try it Now! Tutorial

Hy! It would be not quite long until facebook officially release the Video Camera or Video Call as one of feature available in your FB Account. It seems that this new feature is the answers on Google+ ( the New Social Networking by Google) that already has a Hangout feature that capable to make video call through webcam along with multiple people at once (up to 10 users).

What we wanna discuss in here is that right now this feature currently not released globally but you can still be able to try it by using special “Facebook Video Calling” page. Of course you can beside it used Camera you can also talk to your partner to Voice Call. The combination between Voice and Webcam Video on this case, are the things that why it been named as “Video Calling”.
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Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version Download ( Stand Alone Offline Installer

We just noticed that the Final Version of Yahoo Messenger 11 now available to be downloaded. Right now you can download it by using Online installer that been suggested by Yahoo on its official YM site, messenger.yahoo.com. Click the link below to download the Online Installer of Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version.

Download Online Installer YM 11 Final Version

Download Offline Installer Stand Alone of Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version

For the Offline Installer, aka Stand Alone Installer Download links we would shared you as soon as it available (or we could find it, we are in study to find it right now). Update: here is the final version Offline Installer Download Link:
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Conference Chat Client for Yahoo Messenger

If you familiar with 3rd Party Yahoo Chat Client, you might noticed one feature that usually missed in YM Chat Client: The Conference Feature. Yes, even though you can join Chat Room, using Voice Chat Room even can get Boot Protection or View a Webcam, you still not capable to join or create Conference Room. One reason why there is no Conference Room in many Yahoo Chat Client, might be because the Anti Boot Protection reason.

We knew that an invitation such as join a Conference can be used as a Flooding Boot Invitation. By disabling this option, you’ll protect from this kind of Conference Bots Attach.

About Conference Chat Client 5.0 for Yahoo Messenger

Conference Chat Client for Yahoo Messenger

The One that we wanna share with you (we got this from viprasys.org), is the Chat Client specially designed for Conference purpose. It been named as Conference Chat Client 5.0 by HamidiGGy. Of course you need a Yahoo Account to use this Conference Chat Client, just like you use Yahoo Messenger Chat Client for Room or its Official Client. You need your password and also need username.

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Chatting on Yahoo Messenger with Facebook Account (FB Chat) How to

This is the simple tutorial how you can Chat with Facebook Chat on Yahoo Messenger (Client). You had to use Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta to be able to do this (From how to link your Yahoo Messenger Account to Facebook, Make a Instant Message between FB Chat and YM Windows, Add Facebook Chat Friends to Yahoo Messenger Contact Lists–step 1 to step 12–, and even how to unlink / remove Yahoo Messenger linked account to Facebook / disable – step 13 to step 16):

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Y!Boots Yahoo Messenger Chat Client Room Y Boots

After taking hiatus for a while from this blog, we finally able to coming back with a great info regarding with Yahoo Tools and Its Chat client. In our experience, this Yahoo Chat Client that we wanna discuss below can be categorized as New Chat Client for YM Chat Room with boot / spam protection.

Y!Boots Yahoo Room Chat Client Download

The name of the Y!M Chat Client is Y!Boots. It seems this name dedicated to the official website of this yboots / y boots client that available at www.yboots.tk.

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Facebook Chat Tips: Pop Out Chat Windows for Stable Online

Actually you can use Facebook Chat and make an Instant Message or Private Message with your friend in several ways, such as using Jabber Chat Client / XMPP Chat Client likes iChat, Pidgin, or Miranda IM or using the standalone version of Facebook Chat like Chitchat had, but usually almost all the Facebook users used the Chat Features via Web Base browser inside their Facebook Chat Page.

Pop Out Chat Windows in Facebook - Tips and Tutorial

Unfortunately, by using Facebook Chat in Web browser via FB Website, every time you reload the page, or go to another page, it would make the Facebook Chat showed down and sometime (frequently) go disconnected (go offline), this make our conversation with our friend stuck in the middle of communication. Instead of sending the message, the text that we sent to our friends suggested to be send via Inbox (Message).

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