NoNameScript – mIRC Ads Block Remove, Anti Nukers, Anti Popups, Tweak, Anti Lamer

Internet Relay Chat or IRC is the most Popular Instant Messaging Service. With IRC we can connect easily without need to make a registered Account. And of course the IRC Client that usually used among IRC users is mIRC (The most Popular IRC Chat Client). Unfortunately, IRC (used mIRC as IRC Client) there are a lot of lamer or script kiddies that use iRC to make an spam or alot of pop up spam and also annoying message. Therefore, NoNameScript, the enhancement of mIRC Client designed and developed to protect us from Unwanted Message, Advertisements and many more.

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Yahoo Messenger Chat Client for Unix Linux FreeBSD Debian & RedHat

If you want to install Chat client of Yahoo Messenger in Linux Operating System such as FreeBSD, Debian or RedHat, you have landing on the right place. We will give you a download link of the installer of Yahoo Messenger Chat Client for each Linux Platform.

Download Yahoo Messenger Chat Client for Linux OS

Yahoo Messenger for FreeBSD
Yahoo Messenger for Debian Linux
Yahoo Messenger for RedHat 9

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Windows Live Messenger for Mac 7 OSX / Mac OS X

[If you want to use Windows Live Messenger 2009 9 Portable please follow this link] If you looking for WLM Chat Client for Mac 7 or Windows Live Messenger Mac 7, you land in the right place. We will give you MSN Messenger for Mac in this article. It is sound better if we call it Windows Live Messenger Chat Client for Mac OSX 7. You can make Instant Message, Video Webcam and even Audio and Video with WLM for Mac.

Say it face-to-face with audio and video. If your company has Office Communications Server 2007 and Messenger for Mac 7 installed within your corporate network, you can participate in face-to-face meetings with co-workers in other cities, countries, or on Windows PCs using multi-party audio and video conferencing.

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Yazak Chat Client Download and Review

Yazak LogoYazak is another 3rd Party chat client of yahoo messenger. Built with VB6 and designed for work in Windows Operating system platform, Yazak, among chat user of yahoo messenger, became one of the favorite chat client ever exist. In 2001, the complete free yazak has been launch to the public user. According to–the official website of Yazak chat client–, yazak has a resistant from boot attack and it also free from virus. And as long as We understand, downloading, using, and installing yazak chat client is free without any need of registration or anything else. But make sure you installing VB run time first (VbRunDLLv3sp6.exe).

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Yahaven Chat Client Download and Review

Yahaven LogoYahaven is another 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. It means that Yahaven is unofficial chat client of Yahoo Messenger. If you want another alternative chat client, Yahaven may be the one that I will suggest it to you. Together with some of yahoo messenger chat client tools such as VC Guard or Ghost ID, Yahaven makes a friendly and safely chat client. Created and developed by  Dream, Yahaven provides a lot of Yahoo Messenger Tools that may not able to find at others 3rd Party chat client.

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YmLite Chat Client Download and Review

After We wrote a sort review and download link of YahElite, now, We try to give you another download and review of unofficial chat client of yahoo messenger named as Y!mLite. For short type of Y!mLite, just calls as YmLite without “!” before Y, its will make us easier to type it, don’t we? or if We said YmLite without “Y!” is the same meaning like Y!mLite. May be Y! is for Yahoo, m for messenger and Lite for Elite, so we can said the abbreviation of Y!mLite is Yahoo Messenger Elite.

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