ChatPad – Free PHP Chat Script for Website / Blog

Chat Pad Free PHP Chat Script for Blog or Website

If you like to had a shout box that you been handle in your own server and installed service script in your website (PHP in this case), we got a solution that you can try. This PHP Chat Script called as ChatPad. By installing the Chat Pad, you get an interactive communication between your visitor and you as an Administrator of the web / blog. Of course because it installed in your own server, you can take all the control of the Chat Data and File.

ChatPat is easy to use and install Ajax based inline chat (“shoutbox”) that is compatible with any website and technology. It works with PHP and MySQL and as long as your server supports this, you can include the chat in any system, even if it is not PHP based.

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Facebook Chat for BlackBerry by Bare Apps

Facebook Chat for BlackBerry by Bare Apps

As long as we knew, despite of your blackberry version, whether it BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 / 9330 or BlackBerry Strom 2 9550 or even Blackberry Torch 9800 Slider, you can’t used Facebook Chat (using XMPP Jabber Server) directly from your BB. That why you need to use third party chat client (currently no official client) of Facebook Chat for Blackberry Apps to do that. As long as we remember, we ever wrote about this in the past at here [Facebook Chat for Blackberry by Using Multi IM Protocol for Mobile Phone Client, ebuddy, palringo etc].

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Treegger: Chat with your Twitter and Foursquare Account!

Currently, there would no ways that you can chat using your twitter account via twitter official web page ( between both of your twitter friends (follower / following). But don’t worry, there is another way to make that chat features for your twitter account enable.

Treegger Chat with Twitter and Foursquare Account

Treegger – XMPP Server for your Twitter Account and Foursquare Account

By using Treegger in your XMPP / Jabber Client such as Adium, Psi, Imonair for Android / iPhone, iChat, Pidgin, Miranda, or others Jabber / XMPP Client you’ll be able to use your Twitter and Foursquare account.

The Default configuration that you should take for XMPP Client is like this one:

Jabber ID: [your twitter account name]@twitter (for example ‘jchasetg@twitter’) or your [foursquare email with '#' instead of '@']@foursquare (for example ‘’)
Connect Server: with port 5223
Allow plaintext authentication (twitter doesn’t provide any other authentication method yet)
SSL/TLS (old style) required and selected

Remember you should make sure to check the SSL / TLS option to make sure this chat via server works properly. It because the treegger would guarantee that your data messages (chat text) runs through the server securely (encrypted).

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Y!TunnelPro & a Little Note about it

If you are our blog reader and also had good experience on using varied of Yahoo Messenger clients, you might noticed that we never discuss some chat client that sound familiar in your mind. For example, Y!TunnelPro / YTunnel Pro.

Y!Tunnel Pro is one of popular integrated chat client of Yahoo Messenger (works with official yahoo messenger client, it also can be named as YM tweak / YM enhancement) that gain many of YM users. Indeed, it has some good feature (flood filtering, ignore list, spam filter, font effect, chat room enhancement, etc). The question is, Why we never share or review about this Chat client? The answer is simple, it because, officially, you only able to use Y!TunnelPro if you buy from the owner. It’s not a free yahoo tool software.

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LiveGo – Combine Multi IM Client + Email + Social Networking (Web Base)

Have you familiarize with the Instant Messenger client web base platform (3rd Party) called as MessengerFX – formerly web base client of MSN Messenger? If you ever heard that name, we will tell you a good news regarding of the continuation of this MSN Web Messenger.

Right now, the MessengerFX project turned out to be something big called as LiveGo. LiveGo still able to use MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) as a web base client, but it also has “more” good features.

LiveGo Multi IM client, Social Network, Email Client

As successor of Messenger FX, Live Go right now not only MSN Messenger Client but capable to be use as Multi Instant Messenger Client, use it as Email Client, and also Social Networking Client.

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IgniteIM – Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you had an iPad (whether is WiFi or Wifi + 3G) or iPhone (3G or 4G Generation), or iPod Touch that already run using iOS 3.0 / higher (such as the latest version OS: iOS 4.2 Softwre), and you wanna use Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Windows Live Messenger to chat with in just ONE Client (usually called as All in One Chat Client), you can try IgniteIM Multi Protocol IM Application for your iPad iPhone or iPod Touch.

IgniteIM - Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch

As we said above, the Ignite IM would help you to connect to all of Instant Messaging Protocol that been supported, such as AOL Instant Messaging, ICQ, MySpaceIM, YM, GTalk, WLM and FB Chat. Of course you need to had each of the account of the IM Protocol.

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YCaddy – Yahoo Chat Client Y!Caddy

Ycaddy Yahoo Messenger Chat Client

It almost a year we did not share any of 3rd party of Yahoo Messenger Chat Client aka unofficial Yahoo Chat Client. Right now, there were some of Y!M Chat Client –3rd party / unofficial — that been released via Underground community of Yahoo. Some of them got pretty good feature. And one of the Client of YM that we wanna talk and share at this time called as Y!Caddy or just simply called as YCaddy (Y Caddy, Y for Yahoo Messenger, Caddy for Cadillac ). This Y Chat Client programmed under C-Sharp and need Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5 or above to run properly (You can download it free from Microsoft or just googling it).

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KEmulator – Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC (Mig33 Case)

KEmulator Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC Mig33 Case

KEmulator is a Java Emulator that would help you to open a Java Mobile file (.jar extension) in your Desktop PC (Personal Computer) (Sometimes Java Mobile Emulator also refer to Java Mobile Phone Simulator; simulate Java Application of Mobile Phone on PC Personal Computer). This Emulator would allows you use Java Application or Java Games directly from your computer. In this case, we try to use Mig33 application to be use in KEmulator. Why mig33, it because Mig33 is Mobile Instant Messaging that only allow to use from Mobile Phone (and this blog discussed about Messaging!)

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