How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Personally, I write this post because knowing that deleting a facebook account is something that would be “difficult” to be done. There is no hot links form my account setting on how I can delete my account permanently. It seems that Facebook just don’t want any user to get “away” from him. They want, whenever a person create an account that It would be forever on facebook. That is why the link of deleting facebook account page is “hidden” in.

First, for my personal purpose, I just want this post as “reminder” that when I want to say “good bye” to facebook, I can just look for this post and find the delete facebook account link. Although, right know I do not have this kind of feeling. Seconds, many of Facebook users that seems to be moved to Google+ (social networking by Google), want to remove their facebook account and move to G+ permanently and leave the fb account for sure. I do have a G+ account too, and found that they are complaining about this so many time. This is a tutorial for them.
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Unlimited Facebook Chat Emoticons – Create Your Own FB Emoticons (Meme – Me Gusta, Forever Alone, etc)

This is gonna be fun and exciting. I was introduced by one of my friend that we can create facebook chat emoticons, or anything that we want by using a simple trick. The number of Facebook Chat Emoticons would be unlimited (by theory). How to do that? Just follow our instruction below.

Create Unlimited Facebook Chat Emoticons

For simple tricks you can do this emoticons by performing this shortcut code to your Facebook Chat Windows. Note: all this tricks wouldn’t works on Facebook Messenger for Mobile (Phone, Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone etc). It would remain the same just like the code, and wouldn’t change to be an emoticon.

The Meme Facebook Chat Emoticons

Poker face [[129627277060203]]
Forever Alone [[227644903931785]]
OK guy [[100002752520227]]
Me Gusta [[164413893600463]]
Lol guy [[189637151067601]]
F*ck Yeah [[105387672833401]]
Problem? [[171108522930776]]
B*tch, Please [[218595638164996]]
F*ck Yeah [[100002727365206]]
Happy Girl – [[165101186924039]]
Happy Overload – [[238998422838201]]
Mega Rage – [[296147647087021]]
Cereal Guy – [[238076499594176]]
Dislike button – [[343207372372045]]
Oh God Why – [[306848009355987]]
I see what you did there – [[221195671290973]]
I want that – [[157278714378793]]
Mr. Fuu- [[119519804832205]]

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Underline & Bold Trick no longer work on Facebook Chat

We just noticed that right now, the Underline and bold trick that usually used in Facebook Chat in the matter on bolding the text letters is no longer work anymore. We don’t know since when this bold and underline aren’t works. Yes, the underline text that used _ in front of the text and at the end of text and also the * to get bold do not work right now.
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Thumb Up / Like Sign Facebook Chat Emoticons Shortcut Keys Code Dislike button

 Create Facebook Chat Emoticons Like / Thumb Up

We just noticed that there is a brand new Facebook chat emoticons that can be used in “Facebook chat” by using two alternative shortcut keys. The new emoticons that we mean is Thumb Up aka Like sign, just like the like button in comment or in the status message on FB. How to do that? Simple use this code:
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[Ask] How to Remove Facebook Ticker Sidebar?

Facebook Remove Ticker

Since the changed being applied on Facebook, and especially the new existence of Facebook Ticker that would allow you to stream what your friend “just do” like he commented blablaba, likes blablabla, now friends with blablabla, she tagged on photo’s blablabla and even wrote post in blablabla (I rather called Sidebar Friends Stream Activity Peeping, or rather like to call as Sidebar Stream Stalker). That getting me sucked and tired. It just make me like a stalker?
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Facebook Chat Group Gone / Disappear – Why n How to Getting it back

If you are the owners / admin of a Group in Facebook, you must noticed that in the beginning you gather your friends to your group, and the members begin to crumble, then you shocked, suddenly the Facebook Chat Group feature in your group disappeared. Whether you try to find the feature by reloading your browser, log in and log out, the result would be the same. Yup, your group on Facebook no longer had Facebook Group chat feature.

Why this is happen?

Facebook Chat Group Disappear Gone Get Back

The answer is simple. The larger your member on your group, and many of your members try to use Facebook Chat Group, the server of Facebook would began to work harder and harder. If this not been handled or manage, might be your never be able to use Facebook Chat anymore, not only in Facebook Chat Group, but also in your Person to Person, PM to PM, IM to IM Facebook Chat feature.

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Get Back to Old Facebook Chat Layout – Disable FB New Chat Look (Pop Out)

Do you get bored on using New Facebook Chat Layout which make your screen – on the right side, seem to be full and your cannot edit or group your friends and make you hard to find your dear friend that you wanna make a chat. Here is the simple trick that you can use to get back your old Facebook Chat Layout and make your FB New Chat Look is “disable” (not in real meaning though):
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Using Bold Italic Strikethrough Letter in Google+ Stream & Comment

We just found an interesting features which supported in Google+ Stream and also Google+ Comment form, just exactly like the way you can use it in Google Talk or in Facebook Chat. It is the ability to make Bold letter, Italic and also Strikethrough just like you type in Microsoft Word or other Message Editor such as LibreOffice or Open Office. Here are the tricks and steps that you had to follows in order to do that
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