Facebook Video Call (Webcam Voice Chat Camera) with Skype – Try it Now! Tutorial

Hy! It would be not quite long until facebook officially release the Video Camera or Video Call as one of feature available in your FB Account. It seems that this new feature is the answers on Google+ ( the New Social Networking by Google) that already has a Hangout feature that capable to make video call through webcam along with multiple people at once (up to 10 users).

What we wanna discuss in here is that right now this feature currently not released globally but you can still be able to try it by using special “Facebook Video Calling” page. Of course you can beside it used Camera you can also talk to your partner to Voice Call. The combination between Voice and Webcam Video on this case, are the things that why it been named as “Video Calling”.
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Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version Download ( Stand Alone Offline Installer

We just noticed that the Final Version of Yahoo Messenger 11 now available to be downloaded. Right now you can download it by using Online installer that been suggested by Yahoo on its official YM site, messenger.yahoo.com. Click the link below to download the Online Installer of Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version.

Download Online Installer YM 11 Final Version

Download Offline Installer Stand Alone of Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version

For the Offline Installer, aka Stand Alone Installer Download links we would shared you as soon as it available (or we could find it, we are in study to find it right now). Update: here is the final version Offline Installer Download Link:
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Chatting on Yahoo Messenger with Facebook Account (FB Chat) How to

This is the simple tutorial how you can Chat with Facebook Chat on Yahoo Messenger (Client). You had to use Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta to be able to do this (From how to link your Yahoo Messenger Account to Facebook, Make a Instant Message between FB Chat and YM Windows, Add Facebook Chat Friends to Yahoo Messenger Contact Lists–step 1 to step 12–, and even how to unlink / remove Yahoo Messenger linked account to Facebook / disable – step 13 to step 16):

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Facebook Chat and Facebook Mail Integrated with Send File Photo Video Attachment

Facebook Mail and Chat

It might not applied in all Facebook Account, but recently, We been offered to create Facebook Mail inside our Facebook Account. And we do take this opportunities. Right now we already had an account with ourusername@facebook.com. It a bit different in the matter of Mailing purpose in comparison to others Mail Services such as Yahoo Mail or Google Mail / Gmail, but it pretty Interesting. We found also some changing in the matter of Facebook Chat behaviour regarding with the availability of Facebook Mail.

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Download, View All Facebook Status Messages (Archive Zip – Oldest to Newest ) Tutorial

Today, I remember that I ever wrote status in Facebook that very important to be read (again). Unfortunately, I could get the status message that I wanna know due to the creation date that been too old (in years 2008). Then I searching the ways I could get back the status that I want, even if the status was old or all the status that cannot be able to retrieved back using “ordinary ways”.

Fortunately, Facebook obviously provide archive download all the status message that we ever wrote in. It even including all photos / videos that we been uploaded, the profile, the notes we wrote, the links that we shared, and of course has a list of friend that we added / accepted. In available in zip compressed file that you need to extract with winzip or others kind of zip extractor tools / software.

How to Download and View All Facebook Status Message from Oldest to Newest ( Zipped Archive File)

We would give you steps by step instruction how you can download the Archive of All your Facebook Status Message including the comments, Links, Friends, Profile, Wall, Photos, Events, Messages, and Notes.
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Make Line / Page Break in Facebook Chat (Use Enter)

By Default, whenever you press enter on Facebook Chat IM Windows, that will make you send a message text that you been typed. Yes, in Facebook Chat, we send an Instant Message by using Enter. That also drive that we couldn’t make a page break or line brake by using Enter button. For example we wanna create new paragraph or new text line. Instead of create new line, whenever we press enter it would automatically send any message that we wrote.

How to make / create Line / Page Break in Facebook Chat (Using Enter)

Create Page Break Line Break in Facebook Chat Windows

Actually, by using simple trick we do can make a page break or line break. There are two ways we could do that.

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