Google+ Plus Chat Hidden Emoticons (GPlus Emote) Shortcut Key Code

First of all, I have to tell you that there are big differences on the matter of animation image between Gmail / GTalk Chat Emoticons and Google+ Chat Emoticons although the code aka shortcut key might be the same. There are also some shortcut key that would not work in G+ Chat but work Gmail Chat and vice versa. See the image below to see the “differences” between those two: right side are emoticons on Gmail chat and on the left side are emoticons look at Google Plus Chat.

Google Plus Chat Hidden Emoticons

As you can see above, on Gmail chat emoticons side, the nyan cat, the cowbell, cat emoticons do not turn automatically into animation image. On the other hand, on G+ Chat, the robot emoticon also doesn’t work.

Note: Actually we had shared about this Google Plus hidden emoticons on our older post (updated version), but without the look like of animation image. At here, we would gave you a better way to know each of emoticon of G+ Chat and also its shortcut key.
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Chatab – FaceBook, AIM, SameTime, Yahoo, GTalk, QQ, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, MSN, LiveJournal, MySpaceIM Web Chat Client

Chatab is new Web Messenger Client that support Multiple Protocol Messenger Service. Its support Gadu Gadu, QQ, ICQ, MSN / WLM, Gtalk, LiveJournal, XMPP, MySpaceIM, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, SameTime, FaceBook Chat, and SIMPLE.

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Mobile Messenger Mobile Instant Messaging Mobile IM Client

We would give you a list of Mobile Messenger that available on the net. Its vary from Web Messenger / Web Mobile Messenger to Mobile Client that should be installed in Mobile Phone Device. It supports from any kind of Mobile Phone: Java, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, iPhone and many more.

This list of Mobile Messenger would be updated to make it complete. Sometimes Mobile Messenger can be called as Mobile IM (Instant Messaging) or Mobile IM Client.

List of Mobile Messenger

Below are the list of Mobile Messenger that available on the net. We plan to elaborate about all of Mobile IM in separate post. Therefore in this post only small review that would be write about it. Enjoy
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Web Messenger – Chat Client on your Browser

Web Messenger¬† or usually also called as Web Base Messenger is a kind of Chat Client that use Internet connection and Internet Browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, and else) to connect to the Messenger Service. That’s means, Web Messenger did not need to install in your computer to use it. Just open the url of the web messenger on your internet browser and then start to use it. All of Web Messengers usually use Java Script or Flash to work properly. Therefore you have to enable your java script in your browser to use Web Base Messenger

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Google Talk Emoticons Gmail Google+ Plus Chat Hidden Icons Shortcut Keys Symbols

Just like others Instant Messenger, Google Talk also has a bunch of Emoticons that can be used during IM activities in GTalk Window IM. We have share Emoticons from several Popular Instant Messenger such as Yahoo Messenger Emoticons has hidden Emoticons, Skype Emoticons has hidden Skype Emoticons, Face Book Emoticons has hidden symbols shortcut keys Emoticons, and also Windows Live Messenger Emoticons. All with their Shortcut keys and Symbols.

Below is the Google Talk Emoticons aka GMail Chat Emoticons with its name and Symbol

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