KVIrc – Free IRC Client for UNIX (MacOSX, Ubuntu, etc) n Windows

Instead of Using MiRC that almost been world wide well know, we personally suggest you (Recommended) to use this Free (Open Source with GNU License) IRC Client for your Operating System, including UNIX System such as MacOSX, Ubuntu, and others, and also you Windows in Win32 such as XP, Vista or 7, called KVIrc. Though it seem not easy to install because you need to compile the source code and others process you you have to do, this IRC Chat Client has many great features.

KVIrc Chat Client

Features in KVIrc

There plenty of Features available in KVIrc. Some of them you can read as follows: In user Interface you can get, Full GUI Based Configuration, Floatable Windows (MDI), Hepl, Themes, Emoticon, Editing ToolBar, Status Bar, Notifier Pop up, and support 14 Languages Translation; Networks you can had IPv6 Supported, Proxy with SOCKSv4 or v5 and also HTTP, SLL Support; For IRC features you can use Multiserver Connection, Notify List, Ignore List, Lag Metter and many more.

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Multiple Client Online IM ICQ GTalk, MSN IRC Web Messenger – Communication Tube

Communication Tube is Web Base Multi Protocol Messenger Services that allow you to use ICQ, IRC, and GTalk or MSN Messenger in Web Browser Online.

For security reason Communication Tube use 1024-bit RSA Encrytion to connect to IM Networks Server. You can chat with save and privately without need to worry about password stealing or else. It’s use AJAX Technology (many of web messenger client also used this technology). It works through CGI proxy with cookies and of course need Java Script enable.

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Portable IRC Client for Mac OS X – Newspeak Cocoa

Portable IRC Client for Mac OS X, that we want to share with you had a name: Portable Newspeak. This Portable Client of IRC would allow you to use portable device such as iPod, Memory Card, USB drive and others to store and the run it (need 2MB Free Space).

You can use your IRC Servers and channel list to Portable Newspeak also.

Download Portable IRC Client Newspeak

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IRC Client for iPhone & iPod Touch

At this time, I would give you some of Chat Client software that developed to use in IRC and work with iPhone and iPod Touch. To simplify that term, we can called as IRC Client for iPhone or just IRC Chat Client for iPod Touch.

Commercial IRC Client for iPhone

If you looking for IRC Client for iPhone that available in iPhone iTunes AppStore, you can try Colloquy for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s has many features such as supports IRC command, Nickname and Emoticons, Provide User Information (whois), search able room member list and many more.

Download Colloquy at iPhone AppStore

Advance information about this commercial (that means you must buy it to use it) you can find at official site of Colloquy at colloquy.mobi

Free IRC Client for iPhone

If you want a free IRC Client for your iPhone you can use one of this list below:

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qutIM – Free Open Source Multi Instant Messenger Client – IRC GTalk ICQ LiveJournal

qutIM run well in Windows Platform (XP, Vista, 2000) and also on Linux Systems. qutIM can connect to several Instant Messenger Protocol such as Google Talk / Jabber / Gtalk, ICQ, IRC, and also for Live Journal.com and Mail.Ru (this just complementary features in qutIM). You can even use this qutIM Multi Protocol Client to connect to VKontakte.ru , Twitter, like we said before GTalk Jabber is working in XMPP. Open Source license is under GNU General Public License, that allow you to download the source code and modified them by yourself.

As long as we knew qutIM written base on C++ wit Qt 4.4. You can also download the unofficial platform such as qutIM for Mac OSX, Debian GNU Linusk, SUSE Linux, Mandriva Linux and others platform of Operating System.

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FunPidgin – Carrier Instant Messenger – Fork of Pidgin Client

FunPidgin / Fun Pidgin is fork of the official Pidgin Client – one of the most popular cross-platform multi protocol chat client that can connects to twenty (more) Instant Messenger Protocol Service. Fun Pidgin also known as Carrier Instant Messenger. What different between official pidgin and the fun pidgin is “The Users Want”. Like what the official site of FunPidgin said:

What makes us different from the official client, is that we work for you. Unlike the Pidgin developers, we believe the user should have the final say in what goes into the program.

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Instant Messenger Online Status Indicator Maker for Jabber, Windows Live, AIM, ICQ, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and IRC

If you like to create small image indicator on your website or blog that would indicated you are online (available to chat with your visitor) or not (offline) from different platform of Messenger Services such as Yahoo Messenger Online Indicator, Windows Live Messenger, Jabber (Google Talk available), Skype, IRC, or AOL Instant Messenger aka AIM at once, you can try www.onlinestatus.org (a online website that would generate automatically an html code that can be attached to your web page or blog page.

How to do that?

Just go to the website www.onlinestatus.org and follow the instruction. You may need to create new account before you can user onlinestatus service.

Btw, it would be nice if we can call this Online Status Service as Multi Online Status Maker or Multiple Online Status Generator. Do you agree with me?

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AYTTM – Universal Instant Messaging Client Multi Chat Client for Linux BSD Windows NT /2000

Ayttm is Instant Messaging Client that created to use in Linux Operating System (though it’s also works in BSD and Windows NT or Windows 2000) that can connect to multiple Messenger Services such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger, Jabber (should be OK in GTalk), IRC aka Internet Relay chat, AIM aka AOL IM, and also ICQ.

Features available in Ayttm Universal Chat Client

You can make file transfer between Ayttm client with any protocol, group chat logging, sound, auto join chat room, chat logg, theme changing, status indicator, and more.

For MSN or Yahoo users, you can also make file transfer between them, make conference room with AIM, JAbber, MSN or Yahoo User, and especially for Yahoo Messenger ayttm supports webcam viewer.

By using Babelfish you can also make automatic translation in Ayttm, importing buddy list from gaim (pidgin) and other, Spell checker also available.

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