Yahoo Profile to Yahoo Pulse

Yahoo Pulse from Yahoo Profile

We got a pretty interesting comments about how Yahoo Change our old Yahoo Profile to the newest Yahoo Profile features: Yahoo Pulse.

Yahoo! Profiles were deleted entirely, which left us only able to change our nicknames via Taiwan, but since they changed the service to Yahoo! Pulse, all nicknames have been permanently deleted. Even old ID’s will display as just an ID.

It’s disappointing since a lot of people, easily within the thousands, preferred to use nicknames or “tags” to identify themselves, but Yahoo apparently decided that amidst removing everything else that the user community liked, they’d go ahead and put the icing on the cake and remove the last thing that made Yahoo Chat worthwhile. I expect Yahoo! Chat to eventually be abandoned in favor of older but still more reliable services like IRC, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and the like.

Yes, due to the changed of the Yahoo Profile to Yahoo Pulse, right now we weren’t able to use nickname on Yahoo Messenger Chat Room and this make some of chat room users lover begin to step out from Yahoo and get to another Chat Communities Service (Facebook Group Chat for example).

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Yahoo Messenger for Motorola Charm

Yahoo Messenger for Motorola Charm

Just like others Android Phone that installed in Motorola Charm, you can use Yahoo Messenger for Android as your client for Motorola Charm smartphone (due to the fact that Motorola Charm used Android Enclair 2.1).

The features including, using emoticons, contact list aka friends list, Instant Messaging (PM / IM), and many more.

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Facebook Chat Room – Group Chat Conference

Facebook Chat Room Group Conference

We just new that facebook finally launch the new way we could make a chat with our friend: Group Chat. Yes right now you can make a Chat Room (just like Yahoo Messenger Chat Room, or Google Talk Group Chat), that would allows you to chat with more than one people (many people) at once — though it more like Conference Room.

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Catch IP trough Webcam

If you means catch IP trough Webcam is the ways you can get the IP address of the user that has a webcam with you such as in Yahoo Messenger for example,  we already wrote the trick before.

The Idea was simple but need one condition, you had to make an IP to IP or usually called as Peer to Peer connection with the target when you using Webcam or create Video Call. Be default in some of Messenger Service such as AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger, it automatically used Peer to Peer connection.

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Facebook Chat Invisible Status Detector Checker

Being listed in a group list that set to be Offline by your facebook friend using Facebook Chat Invisible Status Tricks may drive you a bad mood. While you can’t make a chat with your friends, another friends / person still able to chat with your friends. The Bad Mood even got worst if the person that set your Invisible Status is your girl/boy friend.

Facebook Chat Invisible Status Detector / Checker

Unlike others Invisible Status Feature (GTalk Invisible or Yahoo Messenger Invisible) that still able to send an Instant Message / PM even they set to invisible, the Facebook Chat Invisible Status has a way that if someone set another one to be Invisible / Offline, there no way they can’t send an Instant Message to him/her.

Facebook Chat Invisible Status Checker Detector

To find out if you been set to Invisible, it pretty difficult in Facebook Chat. It because it has two possibilities when someone “online” in facebook but you can’t chat with them: they are in Offline mode (such as turning off the chat option, or online via mobile phone that don’t supports facebook chat) or they are been set you as offline (Invisible).

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