Yahoo Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate n Epic

Yahoo Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate n Epic

Just like what we always said in the post that discussed Yahoo Messenger for Mobile Android Operating System like YM for HTC Hero n myTouch, the Mobile Client of Yahoo Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 n Samsung Galaxy S Epic SPH D700 (both of them used Android Enclair 2.1 Google Mobile OS) also fall in the same Chat Client.

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BlackBerry Messenger User Guide Manual PDF

BlackBerry Messenger Manual User Guide

BlackBerry Messenger Manual – User Guide is an official guide for BlackBerry user (for example BlackBerry Storm 9500) while they want to understand and learn to use the blackberry messenger. It really recommend for new user of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

The Manual of BBM User Guide consists of many sections and topics on using the BlackBerry Messenger: Basic understanding and learn, shortcuts explanation and help, availability, contacts, chats, blackberry groups, contact list backup, glossary, feedback, policy rules of IT, and Legal Notice.

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BlackBerry Messenger Icons Indicator Guide Tutorial

This post create has the purpose to deliver an information to understand the Icons Indicators that appears in the BlackBerry Messenger. Its will help you to learn how to use BlackBerry Messenger. The Indicators Icons devided into 3 sections: Indicator Icons for Contact List Screen, Indicator Icons for Chat Screen and the last is Indicators Icons in BlackBerry Group Chat.

  1. this indicator icons means that it new item, you can remove this icons by open each of item that appeared with this icons.
  2. this indicator remind you that availability notification is set
  3. this icon refer to new BlackBerry messenger has appears, just clear this icon by open each chat that has this icon and earch item that has new notification indicator.
  4. Busy status indicator icon
  5. there are (is) (a) unread message(s) in a chat that you might want to read
  6. You are (your friends) playing Media File such as Music (
  7. Chat is open icon
  8. indicating that the current action is pending
  9. icon indicator for conference open
  10. Contact request is pending
  11. text messaging contact icon / chat icon
  12. message system (help)

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ICQ for BlackBerry SmartPhone User Guide Manual PDF

If you like to know and learn how to use ICQ Instant Messenger Services and Protocol for Your BlackBerry Smart Phone for example BlackBerry Storm 9500, BlackBerry Bold 9700 or 9650, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Pearl 8900 from the Official User Guide Manual of BlackBerry RIM Company, here we will help you to get the PDF Manual User Guide ICQ for BlackBerry.

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Skype IM Symbols Animation Codes

Skype Emoticons Symbols

We ever wrote about Skype Emoticons at Hidden condition, but if you wanna make it clear how to use Hidden Emoticons of Skype / Symbols animation with shortcut key codes and generate the picture animation, we found a great help to do it. Just follow our tutorial to use and generate Skype Symbols with it code below:

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Video Chat Webcam Call on Facebook – Friend Cameo

If you looking for how to use Facebook Video Call with Skype, you can visit our tutorial at here.

Video Chat on Facebook FriendCameo

If you want to use Video Chat / Webcam and also Voice Call inside your Facebook Account / Page, you can try the Facebook Application named FriendCameo that would help you to make a communication between you and your friend / family by using webcam and also voice–usually dubbed as Video Chat.

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Facebook Account Lock / Facebook Freezer – Explanation and Avoid

Might be, you already knew what is Facebook Freezer do and what for this Facebook Tools. Facebook Freezer is a small application that usually used by Facebook Lamer (illegal activities / blackhat activities) to make someone account of Facebook can not be accessed with “existing facebook password”. This could means that someone can’t login into facebook even though, she/he entered the “true/right” password.

Yes, facebook chat emoticon glasses Facebook Freezer is well-known application that has a purpose to Lock a Facebook Account temporary or to make the “true/real/right” password of the account terminated or can’t not be used anymore. We can called as Facebook account Freezing activities or Facebook Account Locker.

How Facebook Freezer / Lock Account of Facebook works?

It almost like the way Yahoo Account Locker do. The software / tool only make several times attempts to login to facebook at targeted account of facebook (usually used their email) with “wrong” password. As we might already knew, Yahoo and also Facebook has a limit number to make you able retry to login in. This means there were a limit of number that would allow you to login to facebook (not sure how many time it is, but it seems 20-30 login times would be the limit).

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