WLM Error 810003c1: We were unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger Service

If you face the error that we mention it in the title above you may understand that Microsoft has as discontinued providing Instant Messenger services in certain countries subject to United States sanctions. The error usually like this:

810003c1: We were unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger Service.

If you face any kind of those error, we suggest you to use proxy or use web Messenger such as meeboo, ebuddy or else to connect to Windows Live Messenger Server and make a chat with your friends.

Protect Prevent Block Invisible Checker Detector Yahoo Messenger

Getting Checked or Detected when we are in Invisible Status by someone else using Invisible Status Checker Detector might be make us annoyed or bothered. We knew that using Invisible Status in Yahoo Messenger is the ways we don’t want to be bothered by anyone else. We set our status in Invisible Mode because of we don’t want to make a chat or conversation with anyone else or somebody else (we can set invisible status for only one person or one buddy, or all of users). Thus, the question is, “Is there any way we can prevent our self from being checked by someone else when we are in invisible status? How to Block Invisible Status Checker? How to Disable Invisible Status Detector? etc

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