Yahoo Messenger Archive Message Location Windows Vista & Windows 7 (Back Up File)

Sometime you wanna transfer your Messages Archive History of Yahoo Messenger to another computer and you wanna view and read all you past conversations that you had done from there. For example you just bought a new computer that runs using Windows 7 or Windows Vista Operating System and you found a trouble when you try to move your old Message Archive (for example your older Laptop / PC use Windows XP). Here are some steps and understandings that you should know. At this case we use Yahoo Messenger Version 10 (this tricks supposed to be works in older version, such as Yahoo Messenger 9.0 or even in the latest Version of Yahoo Messenger 11)

Find Location of Yahoo Messenger Message Archive on Windows XP

In Windows XP, the Location of Message Archive of Yahoo Messenger 10, it supposed to be in this folder: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles\\. It yahoo_username folders consists of two parts: Message folder and Conference Folder (if you ever make a conversation / chat in conference room).

You need to copy paste the yahoo_username folder that consist both of those folder and its files (.dat files). You can zipped or just leave it like that.

If you want to transfer to another Computer or Laptop / Notebook/ Netbook/ that ALSO USES WINDOWS XP, all you had to do just copy past the folder to others computer in the “same location path” just like what we said above. How about if you wanna move / transfer to other Computer that used difference Windows Version such as Windows Vista or Windows 7?

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Facebook Chat and Facebook Mail Integrated with Send File Photo Video Attachment

Facebook Mail and Chat

It might not applied in all Facebook Account, but recently, We been offered to create Facebook Mail inside our Facebook Account. And we do take this opportunities. Right now we already had an account with It a bit different in the matter of Mailing purpose in comparison to others Mail Services such as Yahoo Mail or Google Mail / Gmail, but it pretty Interesting. We found also some changing in the matter of Facebook Chat behaviour regarding with the availability of Facebook Mail.

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ChatPad – Free PHP Chat Script for Website / Blog

Chat Pad Free PHP Chat Script for Blog or Website

If you like to had a shout box that you been handle in your own server and installed service script in your website (PHP in this case), we got a solution that you can try. This PHP Chat Script called as ChatPad. By installing the Chat Pad, you get an interactive communication between your visitor and you as an Administrator of the web / blog. Of course because it installed in your own server, you can take all the control of the Chat Data and File.

ChatPat is easy to use and install Ajax based inline chat (“shoutbox”) that is compatible with any website and technology. It works with PHP and MySQL and as long as your server supports this, you can include the chat in any system, even if it is not PHP based.

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Treegger: Chat with your Twitter and Foursquare Account!

Currently, there would no ways that you can chat using your twitter account via twitter official web page ( between both of your twitter friends (follower / following). But don’t worry, there is another way to make that chat features for your twitter account enable.

Treegger Chat with Twitter and Foursquare Account

Treegger – XMPP Server for your Twitter Account and Foursquare Account

By using Treegger in your XMPP / Jabber Client such as Adium, Psi, Imonair for Android / iPhone, iChat, Pidgin, Miranda, or others Jabber / XMPP Client you’ll be able to use your Twitter and Foursquare account.

The Default configuration that you should take for XMPP Client is like this one:

Jabber ID: [your twitter account name]@twitter (for example ‘jchasetg@twitter’) or your [foursquare email with '#' instead of '@']@foursquare (for example ‘’)
Connect Server: with port 5223
Allow plaintext authentication (twitter doesn’t provide any other authentication method yet)
SSL/TLS (old style) required and selected

Remember you should make sure to check the SSL / TLS option to make sure this chat via server works properly. It because the treegger would guarantee that your data messages (chat text) runs through the server securely (encrypted).

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KEmulator – Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC (Mig33 Case)

KEmulator Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC Mig33 Case

KEmulator is a Java Emulator that would help you to open a Java Mobile file (.jar extension) in your Desktop PC (Personal Computer) (Sometimes Java Mobile Emulator also refer to Java Mobile Phone Simulator; simulate Java Application of Mobile Phone on PC Personal Computer). This Emulator would allows you use Java Application or Java Games directly from your computer. In this case, we try to use Mig33 application to be use in KEmulator. Why mig33, it because Mig33 is Mobile Instant Messaging that only allow to use from Mobile Phone (and this blog discussed about Messaging!)

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Mig33 for Android (New!)

As you might knew, Mig33 is one of Mobile Instant Messaging Service that has a huge number or users (said 40 million users) and it can be used in most of Mobile Phone. To day, Mig33 began to spread their service into Mig33 for Android PhoneAndroid Community with released Mig33 for Android Phone (read the official blog released at here). It said, as long as you are using Android Phone that run under Eclair aka Android 2.1 Version or higher (Froyo Android 2.2 or Gingerbread) you can try and used Mig33 on your SmartPhone — for example LG Optimus T (Android Froyo), Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.1 Eclair), or Motorola Droid Pro (Android 2.2 Froyo).

Unlike others Mobile Messenger that did not provide Chat Room, mig33 do had a Chat Room aka Group Chat that would make a great opportunities to create social community chat. Others commons features also available; games, avatar, contact list, emoticons, and also Multi IM Protocol client supported; YM, MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger WLM, GTalk / Google Talk, Facebook, and also AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

For Developer: You can create virtual goods such as games, to make you able get the revenue on mig33 (share). Mig33 also available to used VoiP, SMS, and others virtual goods.

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Web QQ Messenger Chat Client

QQ is one of popular Instant Messaging Service available in the net, especially among North Asia (Chine, Korean, Japan). You can use the qq by downloading the official client of qq chat or using the web messenger of qq. Because, personally, we do not had any qq account, but someone had asked us how to find the url address that he can use qq web messenger (do not need to install the client to desktop computer), we finally got an answer.

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