Facebook Chat Room – Group Chat Conference

Facebook Chat Room Group Conference

We just new that facebook finally launch the new way we could make a chat with our friend: Group Chat. Yes right now you can make a Chat Room (just like Yahoo Messenger Chat Room, or Google Talk Group Chat), that would allows you to chat with more than one people (many people) at once — though it more like Conference Room.

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Windows Live Messenger / MSN Webcam Recorder – Supertintin

Supertintin Windows Live / MSN WLM Messenger Webcam Recorder

What in my mind that flashing by reading the name of Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger Webcam Recorder: Supertintin. It the comic book of Rintintin the adventure :D. Oke forget about Rintintin and back to Supertintin. WLM / MSN webcam Recorder would allows you to capture, record, and save the streaming of Video Webcam of Windows Live Messenger (formerly called as MSN Messenger).

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Introducing – MessengeRoo Answers

Anyone who need help and try to find the answers relating with Instant Messenger Services or Messaging Services, you can join our MessengeRoo community at MessengeRoo Answers. It look like the ways Yahoo Answers do. You can register and then make a questions, or answers any question that you might knew the answer. You’ll got a pretty fast answers by joining it.
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BlackBerry Messenger User Guide Manual PDF

BlackBerry Messenger Manual User Guide

BlackBerry Messenger Manual – User Guide is an official guide for BlackBerry user (for example BlackBerry Storm 9500) while they want to understand and learn to use the blackberry messenger. It really recommend for new user of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

The Manual of BBM User Guide consists of many sections and topics on using the BlackBerry Messenger: Basic understanding and learn, shortcuts explanation and help, availability, contacts, chats, blackberry groups, contact list backup, glossary, feedback, policy rules of IT, and Legal Notice.

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Against Keylogger to Protect Your IM’s Account

Most of lamer used Keylogger to steal you Instant Messenger Account. According to our experience, many of Yahoo Users ask us how to steal / crack Yahoo Password and others told us their account had been hacked and want it back (other case their Facebook Account had been stolen). This IM how to, would help you to protect your IM account, especially when you use Shared Computer (it could be in college or in your office).

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Buddy Spy Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector

Buddy Spy, in the past, known as Open Source Software of Yahoo Tool to make you able to detect any Invisible Status of Yahoo Messenger ID / Username (for example you wanna know the availability of your friend in Yahoo). But due to many of Internet User grab the Source Code without leave any Credit to the Software, right now the official release of Buddy Spy would be no longer available.

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