Skype Client for Mobile Phone Voice Messenger

You want to use Skype in your mobile phone? Now, You can install Skype in Your Mobile Phone using Skype Client. Even though, this Skype Mobile Phone is in beta version, you can achieve so many thing, such as better voice talk, and of course cheaper voice talk. We knew that Skype can be used as Talk to Talk or VoIP with mobile number, therefore you can call your friends mobile number with your skype account, and of course it take cheaper than ordinary calls.

Skype for your mobile is a mini, beta version of Skype that you can download on to your mobile. You don’t need to switch operators or get a specialised phone. The software is free – although there might be a small data charge from your operator if you download it straight to your mobile.

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Google Talk GTalk for iPhone Mobile Messenger

If you have iPhone and you usually use GTalk or Google Talk as your main Instant Messenger Service, We believe you should install Google Talk for your iPhone device. Yes, you can chat with all of your friends of Google Talk buddies on your iPhone.

The new version of Google Talk is designed specifically for the iPhone and runs in the iPhone’s browser, so you don’t need to download or install anything.

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YmTiny Yamee – Yahoo Messenger Mobile Phone Chat Client

[It seems that yamee and ymtiny not work anymore, try to use Nefanasa for your yahoo messenger for mobile phone] There are several ways to use Yahoo Messenger from Mobile Phone. First, We can use Multi Protocol Mobile Messenger or All in One Mobile Phone such as shMessenger, eBuddy, or Mig33. We can also use our wap browser to chat in Yahoo Messenger and then type in the address box of the mobile browser the address of Then just go to Messenger feature and you can chat in there. Third, just install Yahoo Go in your mobile phone and then chat using Yahoo Messenger from there. Fourth, You can use Yahoo Messenger Mobile Chat Client such as YmTiny or Yamee.

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Mig33 eBuddy shMessenger Mobile Messenger Chat Client Instant Messenger for Mobile Phone

Recently, Mobile devices such as Mobile Phone or usually called as Hand Phone not merely just a tools to make a phone call. Right now, Mobile Phone is also used to make an Internet behavior. With mobile phone we can browse our favorite site or even make a chat using our favorite Instant Messenger Service such as Yahoo Messenger. Combining Mobile Phone as Instant Messenger or Instant Message ability, we can call them as Mobile Messenger. Almost all platform IM Protocol Service can be handled by Mobile Messenger: MSN aka WLM, Jabber, GTalk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM aka AOL Instant Messenger and many more. All we we need to have is a chat client or Instant Message Software that run in our Mobile Phone. Thus, we can make a chat from our Mobile Phone easily.

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