Unbootable Yahoo ID

Unbootable Yahoo IDJust figured it out one of Yahoo ID that never get booted and always online 24 hours non stop. What is the Yahoo ID that would never get offline even it been booted by thousand or even hundred of thousand bots iD? The nickname was Messenger Chat Admin (the only nickname that allowed and still exist in all of Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger) and the real ID aka User name is “Yahoo”.

:D Smile. Yes “Yahoo” is the only Yahoo Messenger ID that always on in All of available Chat Room and never get booted aka Unbootable. Let said that this is the best Unbootable Yahoo ID ever existed!

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When Facebook Account got Blocked

It is nothing related with hacker or cracker that you should seriously taking care about them. Just ignore anyone who said that you facebook being hacked by someone and you couldn’t get back your facebook account because of every time you try to login to you facebook with your email account and correct password you been prompted with series of steps that you should take because it said that “your Facebook Account Blocked”.

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Against Keylogger to Protect Your IM’s Account

Most of lamer used Keylogger to steal you Instant Messenger Account. According to our experience, many of Yahoo Users ask us how to steal / crack Yahoo Password and others told us their account had been hacked and want it back (other case their Facebook Account had been stolen). This IM how to, would help you to protect your IM account, especially when you use Shared Computer (it could be in college or in your office).

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Facebook: You have exceeded the number of invalid login attempts that we allow for your account

If you face while your try to login with your Facebook account and then you prompted with “You have exceeded the number of invalid login attempts that we allow for your account“, this means that your FB account had a little problem due to multiple login error.

There are two reason behind that invalid login attempts error in your Facebook. One because of the software Facebook Account Freezer / Locker and the second reason is because of your self.

Facebook Account Freezer

Facebook Account Freezer is small illegal FB Tool that will make you unable to use your Facebook Account for a while. Read our explanation at here.

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Inv Detector Invi Scanner

Invi and Inv is the dubbed name that derived from word “Invisible”. Because it seem simply in pronunciation and also in letter, many of Messenger users called as Inv or Invi (Someone availability status that used Stealth mode). Invi might refer to many Instant Messenger Service / Protocol, such as Windows Live Messenger Invisible, Google Talk Invisible Status, Yahoo Messenger Invisible Status, even Facebook Chat Invisible Status.

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Cracking your own Yahoo Password – Forget Pwrd!

If you forgot your Yahoo password and still not able to retrieve back your own Yahoo Password that make you got frustrated because you can’t able to login to Yahoo Features such as Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo Mail, we can give you a short tips that might be works for You. We suggest you to use this trick on Cracking your own Yahoo Password if you had already used “Official forgotten Password Steps” (official ways to make you able to retrieve your own password that you got forgotten: security question, birthday, location, might be needed).

Forget Yahoo Password

Cracking Your Own Yahoo Password

First, you have to remember all the password that flashing in your head and write it down in a paper or notepad (more passwords, better).

Manually Cracking: you can do manually cracking your own Yahoo ID, by simply try to use it in Your Yahoo Username. Try to login with each of password that on the list of your paper or notepad 1 per hours.

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Illy IDs 4 Chars IDs Yahoo – The Cracker Target

If you had an illy IDs of Yahoo Messenger or others unique IDs of Yahoo Messenger such as 4 character IDs of Yahoo, underscore IDs, capitalize IDs of Yahoo, @roger Ids (and other IDs that similar with that) and others, you have to be careful on picking the password of your Yahoo Account(s). Strong Password with combination of letter, number and other character should be used, and it has to be more than 8 character of password. Don’t use the password that has any corespondent with place, name of person, or others.

4 Char ID of Yahoo

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