Paltalk Password Recovery Free Download n Review

Usually the password recovery in any of software use the ways of cracking password do. They just try to get a password back when you didn’t remember that. There are two ways to make your password recover from loosing or forgotten password: Using crack system that with algorithm they try as many as they need to get back the password, and the second is try to find the password in your computer (usually when you click Remember Password in Login Windows of your IM System Client).

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk in one of many popular IM Service and Client available in the Internet. If you forget your password username or ID of Paltalk you can try this Paltalk Tool called Paltalk Password Recovery. You can get back any password stored in Paltalk Client (not in Messenger Server) in your computer (second way of getting back your password. Read out explanation above), including AIM, ICQ, and also Yahoo Messenger. It works with all Paltalk Client Version (8.2 to 9.2).

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R4 Chat Client Yahoo Messenger

We just found another great Yahoo Messenger Chat Client that you can try to use it free. Called as R4 Yahoo Chat Client. It seem the name of R4 was derived from the author nickname “R4″. Although it been shared in most of Yahoo Forum, the Client itself didn’t really popular among YM users (compared to Yazak, Yahaven, or YSupra)

R4 Yahoo Chat Client

Features in R4 Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger

R4 is designed to be simplified and light. The Features in R4 including; Chat Room, Avatar Display Image Grabber ability, Custom Font Size and Color, Sound, Anti Voice Lagg, Voice Domination, Anti Boot / Unbootable, Smiley Emoticons, using Ymsg1025 non SSL for Login, Anti Spam, Spam Detection and Filter and many more.

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Yahoo ID Super Deactivator Account – an Understanding

What is Yahoo ID Deactivator? What’s for?

Yahoo ID Deactivator or simply called Deactivator or Super Deactivator (is a kind of Yahoo Tools that designed for “illegal” activities (usually used by Lamer or Boot lovers) that will help the lamer to deactivate a targeted Yahoo Account / Yahoo ID (yours might be). This kind of Yahoo hack has a different way from the way Yahoo Account Locker or Lock ID of Yahoo do, but it has almost “similar” purpose: to make someone can’t access / use their Yahoo ID.

How Deactivator works?

Deactivator works to make an abuse report to targeted Yahoo ID. As you might knew, someone that make an “abuse” thing, such as make advertisement spam messages, or make malicious links messages, can be reported to Yahoo and then Yahoo would take an “action” to the reported ID (for example deactivate / banned / suspend or even freezing / lock or delete their Yahoo ID).

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Facebook Account Lock / Facebook Freezer – Explanation and Avoid

Might be, you already knew what is Facebook Freezer do and what for this Facebook Tools. Facebook Freezer is a small application that usually used by Facebook Lamer (illegal activities / blackhat activities) to make someone account of Facebook can not be accessed with “existing facebook password”. This could means that someone can’t login into facebook even though, she/he entered the “true/right” password.

Yes, facebook chat emoticon glasses Facebook Freezer is well-known application that has a purpose to Lock a Facebook Account temporary or to make the “true/real/right” password of the account terminated or can’t not be used anymore. We can called as Facebook account Freezing activities or Facebook Account Locker.

How Facebook Freezer / Lock Account of Facebook works?

It almost like the way Yahoo Account Locker do. The software / tool only make several times attempts to login to facebook at targeted account of facebook (usually used their email) with “wrong” password. As we might already knew, Yahoo and also Facebook has a limit number to make you able retry to login in. This means there were a limit of number that would allow you to login to facebook (not sure how many time it is, but it seems 20-30 login times would be the limit).

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Yahoo Exploit Display Image: Change into Yahoo Avatar instead of Custom Image

We noticed that Yahoo has an open exploit than can be used to make someone that did not have authorize to change display image. If you faced or noticed that your display image has changed, it not because of a virus or trojan. It because of Yahoo has an open exploit issued that make anybody can change your display image. It not patched yet by Yahoo.

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Y!Metal Yahoo Messenger Chat Client YMetal

This Yahoo Messenger Chat client called as Y!Metal was formerly known as Y-Metal (with dash to separate within Y and Metal in older version than in the newest version that used Y! to represent Yahoo as their separator between Y and Metal). Developed by programmer that has a name Kevin Dunn. Of course, as it developed and created not from Yahoo itself (released by other people that not affiliate with Yahoo), Y!Metal can be categorized as 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. Y!Metal is desktop Client application of Yahoo Messenger that needed to be downloaded and installed in your computer before you can use it and run it. In other word Y!Metal isn’t web base chat client but Desktop Chat Client of YM.

Y!Metal Features

Among Yahoo Messenger users, they love to used 3rd party chat client because of they don’t find a good features in official Yahoo Messenger such as Anti Boot / Boot Protection, to many advertisement and many more. Therefore by using 3rd Party Chat Client like Y!Metal, they can obtain what they don’t find in Official client. Features in YMetal are: Anti Boot / Boot Protection, no Advertisement at all, Multi Private Message / Instant Message (PM / IM) with Smiley, Font Color, Sound, Report PMS to Yahoo Save Guard, Ignore, and common feature that also available in Yahoo Messenger (official), Room List Generator / Chooser, Chat Room with single and Multi Room Invite, Buddy List, Anti Spam, Ignore, Proxies socks4 and socks5 supported, raw voice system in Chat room (Voice Dominance and lag Protection), Re-sizable windows chat, support YMSG 102 Protocol, Save as chat session (history chat archive), captcha, and many more.

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Google Talk Sniffer: Spy Capture Conversation Message in LAN

Google Talk Sniffer is a kind of software that would allow you to monitor and record all the conversations that happen in Local Area Networks that use Google Talk Messenger Service as their main conversation Instant Messenger Services. This also means you can make a control of your children (if you are a parent) that used Google talk as their Social Chat service in the Internet, or if you are a boss or supervisor of your company you can use it to monitor and log all what happen to your employees when there were use Google Talk.

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Security: Make Sure Your Yahoo Email Password Recovery is Real

For beginner user of Yahoo, might for simple way, they usually insert (fill up) the secondary Email and also Alternate Email Password Recovery (if you forgot your Yahoo Password Google Password or Hotmail Password) with “fake email” that even don’t exist. In other word they just use “not real email” to pass the process of creating yahoo account.

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