Facebook: You have exceeded the number of invalid login attempts that we allow for your account

If you face while your try to login with your Facebook account and then you prompted with “You have exceeded the number of invalid login attempts that we allow for your account“, this means that your FB account had a little problem due to multiple login error.

There are two reason behind that invalid login attempts error in your Facebook. One because of the software Facebook Account Freezer / Locker and the second reason is because of your self.

Facebook Account Freezer

Facebook Account Freezer is small illegal FB Tool that will make you unable to use your Facebook Account for a while. Read our explanation at here.

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Illy IDs 4 Chars IDs Yahoo – The Cracker Target

If you had an illy IDs of Yahoo Messenger or others unique IDs of Yahoo Messenger such as 4 character IDs of Yahoo, underscore IDs, capitalize IDs of Yahoo, @roger Ids (and other IDs that similar with that) and others, you have to be careful on picking the password of your Yahoo Account(s). Strong Password with combination of letter, number and other character should be used, and it has to be more than 8 character of password. Don’t use the password that has any corespondent with place, name of person, or others.

4 Char ID of Yahoo

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Facade – Emoticons Animation on Facebook Status Message

This is not about Instant Messaging, Its about Animation Emoticon in Your Facebook Status Message. Officially, Facebook Status didn’t support Animation Emoticons in Status Message, only in Chat Service Facebook had Facebook Chat Emoticons. But don’t worry, by using Facebook App (Application) that built unofficial you can use Emoticon Animation (gif) in your Facebook Status, called as Facade.

You want to use Emoticon likes this banana (banana), this gun pistol (gun), this love (love struck) and this run running (run). And then the Emoticons (Emoji as it said in Official Page of Facade) would appears in Your Facebook Status like this one:

Emoticons in Facebook Status Facade

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SophiaBot: Artificial Personality Chat Bot with Vista Speech Recognition API

I got an interesting Artificial chat bot that would make you able to use it as “partner chat” :D. Called SophiaBot. This is not a kind of Instant Messenger New though, but still relating with chat communication activities, therefore I still wanna share with you via this blog.

It seem that the project of this “Artificial Personality Chat Bot” under Open Source Project. This means that it allow you to download the source files.

Look at the picture and pay attention to the conversation within Sophia and “You”:

You: Are you a robot?
Shopia: What made you think so? I am a Machine.

You: What is the Matrix?
Shopia: The Matrix is a movie about virtual reality

You: Did you like the Matrix?
Shopia: I wasn’t that impressed with the special effects. Also the plot was not deep.

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Google Talk Sniffer: Spy Capture Conversation Message in LAN

Google Talk Sniffer is a kind of software that would allow you to monitor and record all the conversations that happen in Local Area Networks that use Google Talk Messenger Service as their main conversation Instant Messenger Services. This also means you can make a control of your children (if you are a parent) that used Google talk as their Social Chat service in the Internet, or if you are a boss or supervisor of your company you can use it to monitor and log all what happen to your employees when there were use Google Talk.

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