Twitter Chat? Try Bonfire IM

Don’t misunderstand about this Twitter Chat. We aren’t give you a brand new info about the twitter features though. As you might knew, there is no way you can make a chat with your twitter account to your twitter friends (followed / following) if you just depend on official twitter.

Bonfire IM Twitter Chat Client

It because there is no such kind of Twitter Chat client. But don’t worry, there is a third party Instant Messenger that would allow you to do chat with your twitter account directly from your web browser. You can chat just the way you can do it Facebook Chat or Google Talk or G+ Messenger. How you could do that? Just use Bonfire IM Chat client Web Browser Add-ons / Extension.
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New Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Shortcut Key Code (11 / 11.5 or Web Mail YM)

I knew this change quite long ago, but I decided to wrote it at this time. You might already knew that there are some additional newest Yahoo Messenger Emoticons available right now, especially if you are using Yahoo Messenger via Yahoo Mail aka Yahoo Web Mail Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons New on Yahoo Web Mail Chat

Here are some of them that I could found.
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Although this is seems to be a bad news, that according to, we had to say good bye to Yahoo Web Messenger at by November 1, 2011. So prepare for your self. Yet, this farewell of Yahoo Messenger on the “Web” is not actually the death of YM Web Messenger in the term that you no longer able to access your YM via web browser. It because you still able to chat with your friends through Yahoo Messenger in Yahoo Mail, or even uses another third party Yahoo Messenger like or

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Make Line / Page Break in Facebook Chat (Use Enter)

By Default, whenever you press enter on Facebook Chat IM Windows, that will make you send a message text that you been typed. Yes, in Facebook Chat, we send an Instant Message by using Enter. That also drive that we couldn’t make a page break or line brake by using Enter button. For example we wanna create new paragraph or new text line. Instead of create new line, whenever we press enter it would automatically send any message that we wrote.

How to make / create Line / Page Break in Facebook Chat (Using Enter)

Create Page Break Line Break in Facebook Chat Windows

Actually, by using simple trick we do can make a page break or line break. There are two ways we could do that.

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Facebook Chat Tips: Pop Out Chat Windows for Stable Online

Actually you can use Facebook Chat and make an Instant Message or Private Message with your friend in several ways, such as using Jabber Chat Client / XMPP Chat Client likes iChat, Pidgin, or Miranda IM or using the standalone version of Facebook Chat like Chitchat had, but usually almost all the Facebook users used the Chat Features via Web Base browser inside their Facebook Chat Page.

Pop Out Chat Windows in Facebook - Tips and Tutorial

Unfortunately, by using Facebook Chat in Web browser via FB Website, every time you reload the page, or go to another page, it would make the Facebook Chat showed down and sometime (frequently) go disconnected (go offline), this make our conversation with our friend stuck in the middle of communication. Instead of sending the message, the text that we sent to our friends suggested to be send via Inbox (Message).

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ChatPad – Free PHP Chat Script for Website / Blog

Chat Pad Free PHP Chat Script for Blog or Website

If you like to had a shout box that you been handle in your own server and installed service script in your website (PHP in this case), we got a solution that you can try. This PHP Chat Script called as ChatPad. By installing the Chat Pad, you get an interactive communication between your visitor and you as an Administrator of the web / blog. Of course because it installed in your own server, you can take all the control of the Chat Data and File.

ChatPat is easy to use and install Ajax based inline chat (“shoutbox”) that is compatible with any website and technology. It works with PHP and MySQL and as long as your server supports this, you can include the chat in any system, even if it is not PHP based.

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Web QQ Messenger Chat Client

QQ is one of popular Instant Messaging Service available in the net, especially among North Asia (Chine, Korean, Japan). You can use the qq by downloading the official client of qq chat or using the web messenger of qq. Because, personally, we do not had any qq account, but someone had asked us how to find the url address that he can use qq web messenger (do not need to install the client to desktop computer), we finally got an answer.

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