Google+ Hangout in Gmail replaces Gmail Video Chat

The Hangout feature available on Google+ is one of the leading Video Call technology at this day. For Yahoo Messenger Video Call for example, it still only capable to used face to face aka cam to cam process which mean I see you, you see me. It involves only 2 people. Unlike this kind of C2C the Hangout on Google+ is able to simultaneously make video chat with almost 10 people at once. This is something that Yahoo Messenger can’t handled. It might due to this kind of Multiple Video chat need a huge server base. On the contrary the conventional Video Call uses Peer to Peer technology.

The great news is Google Plus Hangout is now available in Gmail. Furthermore, it would replace the Gmail Video Chat.
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Google+ Hangout – Multiple Video Calling [How to Make / Use Tutorial]

Before Facebook officially announced about Facebook Video Calling, Google with his Google+, the Social Networking, already announced about Google+ Hangout that works exactly like Video Calling but with enhanced capability to make Video Conference with up to 10 people at once. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to give you an example of how to use this Hang Out feature with 2 people or more due to our lack of friend list that we are able to invite, but we gave you how to do Hangout by step by step instruction as cam to cam Video Calling. Are you ready?

Tutorial to do Google+ Hang out read here

Facebook Video Call (Webcam Voice Chat Camera) with Skype – Try it Now! Tutorial

Hy! It would be not quite long until facebook officially release the Video Camera or Video Call as one of feature available in your FB Account. It seems that this new feature is the answers on Google+ ( the New Social Networking by Google) that already has a Hangout feature that capable to make video call through webcam along with multiple people at once (up to 10 users).

What we wanna discuss in here is that right now this feature currently not released globally but you can still be able to try it by using special “Facebook Video Calling” page. Of course you can beside it used Camera you can also talk to your partner to Voice Call. The combination between Voice and Webcam Video on this case, are the things that why it been named as “Video Calling”.
Learn how to make Facebook Video Calling further…

Windows Live Messenger / MSN Webcam Recorder – Supertintin

Supertintin Windows Live / MSN WLM Messenger Webcam Recorder

What in my mind that flashing by reading the name of Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger Webcam Recorder: Supertintin. It the comic book of Rintintin the adventure :D. Oke forget about Rintintin and back to Supertintin. WLM / MSN webcam Recorder would allows you to capture, record, and save the streaming of Video Webcam of Windows Live Messenger (formerly called as MSN Messenger).

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GenY – Yahoo Messenger Chat Client for UNIX (Tested in Ubuntu LINUX)

GenY Chat Client Yahoo Chat Room

Geny is a Chat Client for Yahoo Messenger that been purposed to works under UNIX such as Linux Platform/GNU. It free application even has open source license that would allow you to access and modify the code. It working properly (been tested) in Ubuntu, and with strong probabilities, it might also works under other LINUX distro: Fedora, openSUSE, Red Hat, and others.

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The Pirate Chat: Web Base Video Call Chat Messenger (Webcam Voice)

The Pirate Chat officially an Instant Messenger Service released by The Pirate Bay (The largest torrent server in the net). The good news behind the existence of Pirate Chat are the combination of Video Voice Chat that available on Web Base. This means without need to install and download anything from the internet and don’t need any chat client you can make a Video Call / Webcam and Voice Chat with others people. You even don’t need to register to use this Video Chat Instant Messenger. Just create a nickname and then you can start chatting with your friend using your webcam and internet browser (Flash Player needed).

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How to Find Out / Figure Out Fake Webcam?

To the point. To find out and figure out someone that make a chat with you used Fake Webcam or not here are the “sign” of them:

First: The Video and Chat Activities with you didn’t “similar”. For example if they send you a message than the webcam video “not in typing activities”.

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Video Chat Conference in Skype

We just heard a good new from Skype: Next Week, they will launch a brand new feature on messenger service at Skype. They will released Video Chat Conference / Group Video chat on Skype. Here the news we got from (quote)

Starting next week, Skype will begin beta testing a new group video chat feature on Windows PCs, according to the AP. The feature will let up to five people join in on a video chat simultaneously, which is a big leap from Skype’s current video chat limitation of two users.

Group video chat will initially be available for free, but Skype plans to start charging for it within three to four months, along with other new features. The company also plans to bring the feature to Macs later this year.

If you want to read all the info about this new feature (it will be free for a while but in the future this feature of group video chat conference will be charge — not free anymore), click this link.