Y!Boots Yahoo Messenger Chat Client Room Y Boots

After taking hiatus for a while from this blog, we finally able to coming back with a great info regarding with Yahoo Tools and Its Chat client. In our experience, this Yahoo Chat Client that we wanna discuss below can be categorized as New Chat Client for YM Chat Room with boot / spam protection.

Y!Boots Yahoo Room Chat Client Download

The name of the Y!M Chat Client is Y!Boots. It seems this name dedicated to the official website of this yboots / y boots client that available at www.yboots.tk.

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Y!TunnelPro & a Little Note about it

If you are our blog reader and also had good experience on using varied of Yahoo Messenger clients, you might noticed that we never discuss some chat client that sound familiar in your mind. For example, Y!TunnelPro / YTunnel Pro.

Y!Tunnel Pro is one of popular integrated chat client of Yahoo Messenger (works with official yahoo messenger client, it also can be named as YM tweak / YM enhancement) that gain many of YM users. Indeed, it has some good feature (flood filtering, ignore list, spam filter, font effect, chat room enhancement, etc). The question is, Why we never share or review about this Chat client? The answer is simple, it because, officially, you only able to use Y!TunnelPro if you buy from the owner. It’s not a free yahoo tool software.

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Unbootable Yahoo ID

Unbootable Yahoo IDJust figured it out one of Yahoo ID that never get booted and always online 24 hours non stop. What is the Yahoo ID that would never get offline even it been booted by thousand or even hundred of thousand bots iD? The nickname was Messenger Chat Admin (the only nickname that allowed and still exist in all of Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger) and the real ID aka User name is “Yahoo”.

:D Smile. Yes “Yahoo” is the only Yahoo Messenger ID that always on in All of available Chat Room and never get booted aka Unbootable. Let said that this is the best Unbootable Yahoo ID ever existed!

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Yahoo ID Super Deactivator Account – an Understanding

What is Yahoo ID Deactivator? What’s for?

Yahoo ID Deactivator or simply called Deactivator or Super Deactivator (is a kind of Yahoo Tools that designed for “illegal” activities (usually used by Lamer or Boot lovers) that will help the lamer to deactivate a targeted Yahoo Account / Yahoo ID (yours might be). This kind of Yahoo hack has a different way from the way Yahoo Account Locker or Lock ID of Yahoo do, but it has almost “similar” purpose: to make someone can’t access / use their Yahoo ID.

How Deactivator works?

Deactivator works to make an abuse report to targeted Yahoo ID. As you might knew, someone that make an “abuse” thing, such as make advertisement spam messages, or make malicious links messages, can be reported to Yahoo and then Yahoo would take an “action” to the reported ID (for example deactivate / banned / suspend or even freezing / lock or delete their Yahoo ID).

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Y Vampire Chat with Boot Option (No Voice Chat)

If you don’t want to use Voice Chat and just want to make a text messages (including sending “a lot of messages” that can be categorized as chat room spam messages–not recommend doing like this though) you can use this simple and small Yahoo Messenger Chat Client called Y Vampire Chat. Because this client seems designed to use in Chat Room, we strongly suggest you to use this Yclient only when you are a Rooomer or want to join Chat Room.

Features in this Y-Vampire-Chat (Public version)

Emoticons, Room Option: Room Lagger, Lagger2, Boot Option, Room List, and many more
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Reason you became a Booter / Lamer

There only one big thing behind the reason why you gonna be a booter / wanna be a booter: take a revenge!

You got booted, and then you wanna boot back (even you don’t even know who been boot you though). If you don’t know how to boot back, then you search in google how to do boot. That almost all the booter came for. You become a booter simple because your revenge greed in your heart!!

And the revenge take a victim on random case, anyone in the room can be the target (it because you actually didn’t know who really been boot you). It been hard to find out the person behind boot software and bots id!

Yahoo Chat Room Advice: Avoid Boot from Lamer

Background: Usually, Lamer or booter load their bots id in one chat room (via Room Loader or any kind of boot room like this: Room Destroy for example) using a repeated word bots ID, such as king_boot1, king_boot2, king_boot3, etc. The kind of this name ID is the most effective and fast to create / make than a random id that must be set manually. Second, Chat Room is the most place that usually many of lamer find the target.

If you don’t want to get booted or any kind of malicious thing, anytime you face a chat room with bots ids like that, we suggest you to leave the room as soon as possible (Yahoo Chat Room Advice). This behavior would make you keep stay away from lamer action!

Unless, you indeed want to make a war with them! :D

Protect Prevent your Yahoo ID from Being Locked by using Lock ID

Lock ID is the way to make Your Yahoo ID unable to use it again or unable to login again to Yahoo Servers (including mail, chat and other application of Yahoo). Usually the locking works by using small yahoo program / or using manually way.

Actually, when the ID got Locked, the ID wasn’t locked by The Software of Lock ID. Instead of from it, your ID not been able to login because of the System Protection of Yahoo it self. It designed to prevent or avoid Password Cracker Attack (usually using Yahoo Password Cracker Software).

That why, if you lost or forgot your Password and try to login with wrong password again and again (too many times) you’ll got that you are not able to login again even if your password is correct (usually if you tried more than 30 times a day). Your ID would be paralyzed (locked), usually, 12 Hours or 24 Hours (not sure about this though).

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