Twitter Chat? Try Bonfire IM

Don’t misunderstand about this Twitter Chat. We aren’t give you a brand new info about the twitter features though. As you might knew, there is no way you can make a chat with your twitter account to your twitter friends (followed / following) if you just depend on official twitter.

Bonfire IM Twitter Chat Client

It because there is no such kind of Twitter Chat client. But don’t worry, there is a third party Instant Messenger that would allow you to do chat with your twitter account directly from your web browser. You can chat just the way you can do it Facebook Chat or Google Talk or G+ Messenger. How you could do that? Just use Bonfire IM Chat client Web Browser Add-ons / Extension.

How to use Bonfire as Twitter Chat Client?

There are just three steps to be able to chat in your Twitter by using Bonfire. You don’t need to have any additional account or username, just use your Twitter account with its password.

  1. First: Install Bonfire Extension or Add-ons on your favorite Browser: Bonfire Extension for Chrome | Bonfire Twitter Chat Add Ons for Firefox | Bonfire Twitter Chat fro Safari
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in to Bonfire with Twitter. Done
  4. Bonfire IM Twitter Chat Client Login Screen

Features in Bonfire IM

Remember that you are able to do a Chat in Twitter if your friends are also installed and used the Bonfire. If they are not used the Bonfire, your still unable to do a chat with them. The features is just the way you do chat in FB chat or GTalk. You can make IM, there is a Chat Contact list with Offline and Online notifications, Emoticons (just like it available FB with its Facebook Chat Emoticons or GTalk with Google Talk Emoticons) , and more.

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