LiveGo – Combine Multi IM Client + Email + Social Networking (Web Base)

Have you familiarize with the Instant Messenger client web base platform (3rd Party) called as MessengerFX – formerly web base client of MSN Messenger? If you ever heard that name, we will tell you a good news regarding of the continuation of this MSN Web Messenger.

Right now, the MessengerFX project turned out to be something big called as LiveGo. LiveGo still able to use MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) as a web base client, but it also has “more” good features.

LiveGo Multi IM client, Social Network, Email Client

As successor of Messenger FX, Live Go right now not only MSN Messenger Client but capable to be use as Multi Instant Messenger Client, use it as Email Client, and also Social Networking Client.

The Features of LiveGo

You had an google account, as well as yahoo account, facebook account, windows live / hotmail account and also AOL acount and wanna use Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger or AIM? Don’t worry, all the IM can be altogether logged in via LiveGo. LiveGo is the All in One Web base Messenger aka Web Base Multi Protocol Messenger Client.

Of course, as you might already understand, the Google and others account also has email features, and so do LiveGo. LiveGo also capable to be used as Email Client for all of those account. All in one place.

Another good features is, the LiveGo also connected to favorite and well known Social Networking: Twitter and Facebook. You can update status, view photos, make a comment, video, notification, add a friends, following others twitter, replay tweet, make a tweet, directly from LiveGo.

Additional Features also available (soon): Note; Social Feed, TODO List and Calendar, Quick Menu, Save IM conversation, etc

About the features in Live Go, it seem has the same purpose like what Disby Do! The difference only Disby (IM + Email + Social Client) is an application that need to install in your desktop, but in LiveGo all you had to do just use your web browser (web Base Platform) :D

Lack: It seem LiveGo didn’t supports for Chat Room and Conference (in Yahoo Messenger), Gtalk Group (in Google Talk), Facebook Chat Group (in Facebok) and some others features of IM’s such as Video Chat, Webcam, Voice Chat and also didn’t support all emoticons available in the IMs Service (Facebook Chat Emoticons or Windows Live Messenger Emoticons or Yahoo Messenger Emoticons or GTalk Emoticons)

How to use LiveGo?

LiveGo login Screen

Just simple: Open your web browser (you don’t even need to download anything to use LiveGo), and start to pointed your browser to and then just go to login windows at right side of the page with your social account (facebook / twitter) or email / IM’s account (yahoo, google, aol, windows live). Done!