Multiple Client Online IM ICQ GTalk, MSN IRC Web Messenger – Communication Tube

Communication Tube is Web Base Multi Protocol Messenger Services that allow you to use ICQ, IRC, and GTalk or MSN Messenger in Web Browser Online.

For security reason Communication Tube use 1024-bit RSA Encrytion to connect to IM Networks Server. You can chat with save and privately without need to worry about password stealing or else. It’s use AJAX Technology (many of web messenger client also used this technology). It works through CGI proxy with cookies and of course need Java Script enable.

How to use it

Here are the steps that you must do:

You need only two steps for chatting with Communication Tube:
Step 1: open browser and enter the web messenger url: into the address bar
Step 2: enter one or more of you instant messenger (ICQ, GTalk, MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger / WLM or IRC) login and password and you are online!

Compatible in almost all web browser: for IE, Chrome, Firefox, IceWeasel, SeaMonkey, Camino, Opera, safari, and else.

Web Mobile browser also available such as Opera for Wii, Opera Mobile Browser, iPhone Safari and also BlackBerry.

You don’t need to register or download any file to use it.

Just share. Enjoy!