aMSN – Free Polygamy Multiple MSN Messenger Chat Client Clone

You knew that Yahoo Messenger has 3rd Party Chat Client such as Yahelite, Yazak or YmLite. In MSN aka WLM aka Windows Live Messenger there is one 3rd Party MSN Messenger call it as aMSN. aMSN is Free Open Source MSN Messenger Chat Client or it familiar to be called as MSN Messenger Clone

Features in aMSN Messenger Chat Client Polygamy  Multiple MSN WLM Include

With aMSN you can enhance your WLM aka MSN Messenger. The Features available in aMSN are Offlline Messaging, Voice Clips, Display Picture, Custom Emoticons, Tabbed Chat Windows, Animated Emoticons with Sound, Group Support, Full Speed File Transfer, Sign in more than one account / Polygamy ID / Multiple ID / Multiple MSN, Webcam Support, Multi Language Support up to 40 different Languages, Event Alarms, Chat Logs, Timestamping, Conferencing Support and many more. You can also add a Plugins or Change aMSN Skins as you want.

Version History of aMSN

The latest Version of aMSN was  released in August 3, 2008 is aMSN 0.97.2

Free Download aMSN Messenger

aMSN is free source MSN 3rd Party Messenger. You can download it free without any charge.

Free Download aMSN Messenger for Windows: Download
Download aMSN Messenger at SourceForge for Linux: Download
Download aMSN for Mac OSX: Download