Windows Live Messenger for Android

We’ve been surprised that we don’t even write about Windows Live Messenger Client for Android yet. We thought that we already done it a long time ago after hearing that new SmartPhone that bring Android OS within has being launched to the market.

WLM for Android SmartPhone

Windows Live Messenger for Android

Android Mobile OS by Google has been used in many case in Cellular Phone almost installed to SmartPhone category. Hmm, just to the point. If you wanna use Windows Live Messenger for Android, first just check your SmartPhone, might be there was a pre-installed (in US: T-Mobile for example) Windows Live Messenger in your Android Phone (used MSN also to search the preinstalled application on your Adroid Phone). If you can’t find it, you can pointed your web browser to Windows Live Messenger for Mobile Page at to find if your Mobile Phone can get the WLM for Android.

Second attempt is: you can use Windows Live for Android Application, and then you can connect to Messenger by using it. You can download and install the Windows Live Application at here.

Third ways: Alternatively you can used Multi IM Messenger to make chat using MSN / WLM Messenger. For example you can use Meebo for Android (as we knew, meebo can be used to connect to WLM Protocol Messenger). Others Multi IM for Android that you can try to use Windows Live Messenger are: eBuddy for Android and Nimbuzz for Android.