KMess – Windows Live Messenger for Linux MSN Linux Client

KMess is an alternative Chat Client for Windows Live Messenger design to work in Linux Operating System. We can also say that KMess is 3rd Party Chat Client of WLM or Unofficial Messenger Client of Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger for Linux.

KMess is an alternative MSN Messenger chat client for Linux. It allows Linux users to chat with friends who use MSN Messenger in Windows or Mac OS. The strength of KMess is it’s integration with the KDE desktop environment, focus on MSN Messenger specific features and an easy-to-use interface.

Features available in KMess MSN WLM for Linux

KMess has common features like in official WLM: Display Picture, Fast File Transfer, Custom emoticons, Nudges, Winks and Offline IM Messages, Colorful Style and Log, Live Email Notifications.

Version History of KMess

According to Official Website of Kmess, KMess has launch KMess 2.0 alpha 2.

We’re proud to announce the second preview release of KMess 2. Since the first preview release, we’ve worked hard to add tons of new exciting features to KMess, and also to improve its stability.

The most significant additions to KMess 2.0 alpha 2 are:Support for MSN connections over HTTP, to deal with corporate firewalls, Support for Ink (hand-written) messages, Support for tabbed chatting, , Support for MSN Plus text formatting, Every dialog received a makeover, Chat Windows can be re-used again after reconnecting, Support to chat with offline and invisible contants and many more

Download KMess
License: GNU General Public License

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