Multi Multiple ID Polygamy MSN Windows Live Messenger Using Registry Edit

We knew that Multiple aka Polygamy ID in MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger is like Opening WLM Software Client in many times. Therefore we can use to login in WLM aka MSN with multiple ID aka Multi ID or with more than one username account of MSN WLM. Just like in Yahoo Messenger Multi ID aka Polygamy.

Below is the simple ways to create Polygamy Multi ID of MSN Messenger use Regedit

Polygamy Windows Live Multiple MSN Messenger with Regedit

Use Registry to make Polygamy ID in   WLM Messenger is like creating registry that will allow us to open WLM two or three or more in one Desktop Komputer. Just Open the Registry Editor in your Windows by type “regedit” in the Run Command. Start >> Run >> Regedit >> Enter

Choose the Folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Live and ont the Messenger Folder right click on it and choose New >> DWORD (32 – bit) Value and name it as MultipleID (or whatever you want, note: if not works name it to MultipleInstances)

After create MultipleID Value now right click on it and choose Modify. Set the Value data to 1 (use Hexadecimal) — See the Picture Above. Done

Now your Windows Live Messenger has patched and capable to use as Polygamy ID aka Multiple ID