Share Bing Search Result via Windows Live Messenger / MSN

Sometime you want to share an information that you got after you searching for “something” in search engine for the issued / topic that in your head at this time. For example you want to share video about “world cup” (a topic that at this month almost got number one position at all place in the world, including twitter TT that always been dominating by topic of WC Football–only 3 country in the earth that still called as Soccer) that you found in Bing (Microsoft official search engine) with your friend of Windows Live Messenger (Microsoft official Instant Messenger Service).

All you have to do just click on share option with the icon of WLM / MSN Messenger (two half body people). There are 4 option in there: Share via facebook, via Twitter, via Messenger and via Email. After you click the Messenger icon and text then it will automatically share via your Instant Messenger (at this time only Windows Live Messenger seems to be worked).

Source: liveside