Use Google Translator on MSN Messenger WLM

For Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger Users, We believe that you already knew what is Messenger! Plus is. We wouldn’t talk about it right now, but, we would give you a way to translate the Instant Message Text in MSN Messenger aka WLM using Google Translator.

All you have to do just install the Google Translator Script in Messenger! Plus. And then everytimes you need to translate the Text that coming in your WLM aka MSN Messenger IM window just press F5 to translate you message. Done.

To download and install the Google Translate Script you can visit here.


  1. Poppy says

    I downloaded the google script translator but nothing is happening.. you say download it into messenger. Do I have to do anything specific.

  2. says

    I have created a real-time Skype chat language translator, that translates Skype chat messages, in 43 different languages, and can speak your Skype chat messages and Skype contact status changes in 10 different languages as well as a British accent. More here:

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