Using Facebook Chat on Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger connect to Facebook Chat

Microsoft announced on August 17, 2010 that right now Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 (Beta) / Windows Live Essential 2011, now supports Facebook Chat. This means, you can make a chat with your Facebook Friends / Social Networks, that currently using Facebook Chat (Online) from your Windows Live Messenger.

In the means times, only Windows Live Messenger Users in US, UK, Brazil, Germany, and Russia that available to use Facebook Chat connect to Windows Live Messenger. If you are out of that supported country, just wait until the Windows Teams released the final version and available in your terrotories.

From a technical perspective, this is a significant task. We’re connecting Messenger’s ~300 million customers (who are already connected to Yahoo! Messenger and Office Communicator) to Facebook’s ~500 million customers. To make sure this happens smoothly while Windows Live and Facebook both build up the needed back-end infrastructure, we’ll start by releasing this chat capability in the US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, and Russia today. We’ll continue to expand this offering to additional regions over time.

How to use Windows Live Messenger with Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat on Setting Profile Preference Windows Live

All you need to do to activate WLM to FB Chat just change your Live Preference setting in your Live Profile Page (click here to go to your Live Profile Page). Then at the From Facebook to Windows Live options, you can “check” Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger. If you don’t see that options, it means that it not available in your account yet (due to location or country of yours)

Remember it might that you can also use Windows Live Messenger for Mobile Phone to chat with your Facebook Friends.