Windows Live Messenger 8 9 Patch Tweak

We got free Windows Live Messenger Patch and Tweak while we are searching for Tweak of Yahoo Messenger. Coincidentally, we found an interesting Patch of WLM 8.5 or even for Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta. With this WLM Tweaker, you can remove banner advertisement, Remove Search Button, Remove Send Button, Remove Formatting Toolbar Separator, Remove Nudge Button, Remove Winks Button, Remove Color Button, Remove Windows Logo, and more. You can easily remove and not remove aka disable or enable the options.

A-Patch is a lightweight program designed to enhance your Windows Live Messenger experience. It does this by giving you a multitude of options, over 80, which allow you to customize the look and feel of Windows Live Messenger, even change some functions.

Some of the options include the ability to remove the big advertisement located on the contact list. Another option would be to disable the nudge delay timer, allowing you to send consecutive nudges without having to wait a few seconds in between. Other useful options include removing buttons such as “Activities”, “Windows Live Today”, and dozens of others buttons, multi-msn, show idle status of other users, and so on.

A-Patch has over 80 options for you to play with which might seem a bit daunting for new users, which is exactly why it comes with a built-in preview window. Basically, you can preview the changes of nearly every option before actually applying it, it really couldn’t be easier.

According to Softpedia aPatch Page Release, WLM Patcher is freeware. You can download WLM Tweaker or Patcher at, or just click download link below:

WLM 8.5 Patch and Tweak: Download
WLM 9 Patch and Tweak: Download

ps: Windows Live Messenger are registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation