Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta Version Download

We knew that Windows Live Messenger is the replacing name of MSN Messenger. That means Windows Live Messenger actually the continuation of MSN. Sometime to short the call of Windows Live Messenger, we can call it as Windows Messenger, Live Messenger or just make it simple as WLM. Microsoft, the owner of WLM, as you may also knew, has launch Beta Version of Windows Live Messenger 9 aka Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta Version. What new features in it?

New Features available in Windows Live Messenger Beta 9

According to WLM official page, the new features of WLM 9 Beta are: Status Message Link Clickability, Signature Sound, Per Contact Sound, SPIM Reporting aka SPAM Protection Report, Multiple Points Of Presence Support, and Animated Display Pictures.

Our Opinion about Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta Version

In our opinion, Multiple Points of Presence Support (MPPS) seem could be dangerous. What We meant is when someone stolen our WLM account and the use it at different place they still able to sign in even we are being online (sign in) also in Windows Live Messenger. That would make us not knowing that actually our account has been hack or crack. What a dangerous! We knew that MPPS would make us able to sign in in multiple location at once without make the other sign in location would going to sign out automatically.

But, It sound great that we can make a unique sound per contact that available in our Contacts List using Per Contact Sound. This almost like ring tone chooser in Mobile Phone Device. Status Link now allow to be click able also make our status more “alive”.

Free Download Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta

We knew WLM is freeware, so do not hesitate to download it and use it. Below We give you download link of Windows Live Messenger Beta Version.

Free Download Windows Live Messenger at Sofpedia: Download
Free Download Windows Live Messenger at Microsoft: Download

ps: Windows Live Messenger are registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation