Windows Live Messenger for iPhone n iPod Touch

After giving you an article discussing Yahoo Messenger on iPhone and iPod Touch, it time to discuss another Messenger Services that might you want to run in your iPhone: Windows Live Messenger  / WLM on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Windows Live Messenger / WLM on iPhone

After searching the internet, we did’nt find any official chat client for Windows Live Messenger that built / design for iPhone. Don’t worry, we still got several option how we can use Windows Live Messenger in iPhone: By using Multipe Web Messenger.

Meebo for WLM in iPhone

Yes you can use as your Windows Live Messenger web chat client. All you have to do just pointing your safari iPhone browser into url and then login with your Window Live ID. Done. Now you can chat in iPhone through Windows Live Messenger. To make further close understanding, see the youtube video below:

Using eBuddy Web Messenger on iPhone

Just like in all you have to do just open the into your safari browser and then strart to make a chat in Windows Live Messenger /WLM. By using ebuddy, you may need to register the ebuddy ID first before you can use your WLM account to make and Instant Message or chat with your friends.

Using OneTeam IM Multiple Messenger

The two chat client that we given to you above are web base chat client. If you want to install stand alone chat client of Windows Live Messenger on your iPhone or iPod Touch you can use OneTeam IM. With OneTeam IM you can chat like using mobile chat client. You can get OneTeam IM on Apple Store here.

Using Easy MSN for iPhone and iPod Touch

Easy MSN is WLM client designed for iPhone and iPod Touch that has available in iPhone App Store (cost 2.99 € ) Find out more about it here.

Using Beejive IM Multi Messenger for iPhone

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

You can also use Beejive Multi Messenger for iPhone. Even it’s not free (US$15). With Beejive, just like OneTeam IM you can also connect to several Messenger Services, such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and many more.

You can buy Beejive from iphone store here

To use free application web base of Beejive you can pointed your safari browser of iPhone to and enjoy the IM features.