Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector

You can detect or check the user of Yahoo Messenger whether they are in Invisible mode, Offline Mode or Online Mode Status. Just use the Invis Checker below: type username or their yahoo id and click “check” button or press enter.

Y Scan Check Detector 1

Y Scan Check Detector 2

Anti Yahoo Messenger Invisible Checker

If you wanna protect your yahoo ID being checked by invisible scanner / checker like the one above, you can read our tricks here: Protect aka Anti Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector. Quotation:

This means if you do not want Invisible Checker would detect you, you have to set your Alias Yahoo Messenger ID in “inactive” condition, and then release it again if you want to be active. Remember, Inactivate Alias ID would make your Alias ID paralyze and can not be used to make a chat. But you can use others Alias ID or your Main ID to chat normally without need to log in or re-login

Powered by Yahoo! Messenger invisible status checker

Explanations and Simple Help how to Use Yahoo Invisible Checker / Detector

There are three (3) possible results: Invisible | Offline | Online. Online mean that the ID available to chat and can be seen without need Yahoo Invisible Detector, Invisible means the ID has been set to Invisible Status and still online / ready to chat but can’t be seen in your buddies list normally, this definitely need Invisible Checker. Offline mean the user is not online or has been log out from Yahoo Messenger. Normally, we just need Invisible Checker only when we need to make sure someone is really OFFLINE or INVISIBLE.

You can use this Invisible Status to check Yahoo IDs like,,,, .sina,,,, and else.

If you got and faced any problem using the online yahoo invisible checker tools above such as, servers are busy try to use the other one (we gave you 3 optional Yahoo Status Checker, first just check your internet connection then reload this page and try to scan and use the invisible tools of yahoo above. If you still got the error, I suggest you to try another website / online invisible checker of yahoo messenger here: Yahoo Messenger Invisible Checker Detector List (about 30 site available in there / complete list of invisible checker both online and using software)