Ad Banner Remover Lite AbrLite – Remove Ads from Yahoo Messenger 11.5

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 is an adware. Adware means that the Yahoo Messenger 11.5 would generate an advertisement or sponsored banner/link automatically in to the client applications / software. For some reason such as if you using a limited bandwidth for your internet connections, cutting unnecessary bandwidth would save a lot. This means for Yahoo Messenger 11.5, disabling the Advertisement on its, stop the bandwidth usage for loading the banner or ads link.

Ad Banner Remover Lite Review for Yahoo Messenger 11.5

Ad Banner Remover Lite

Blocking or disabling ads on Yahoo Messenger 11.5 can be obtained by several ways. The tricky ways that almost works in all version of Yahoo Messenger is tweaking the windows hosts file (for Windows OS Only) or tricking the registry. But you can do the simple way by using Ad Banner Remover Applications.

Whether you use Yahoo Messenger 11.5 for version or or the newest one, you always see that the Advertisements / Ads in Main Messenger Client Windows, in Chat Room with Banner Ads, Advert Webcam, Video Call Advert, and also IM Statusbar Adverts links are always appears. By using the Ad Banner Remover (Lite Edition), you can remove all those unnecessary behavior just by using your mouse with few simple clicks.

How the Ad Banner Remover Lite works?

The Adbrlite would search for applications launcher of Yahoo Messenger 11.5, and then determine the version of YM, and finally patched the applications. This also means that the Adbrlite is a kind of “set and forget”. User the software just only one a life time. You don’t need to use it along with Yahoo Messenger everytime. One it patch the YM 11.5 then his works is done. Simple, isn’t?

Download Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Ad Banner Remover

For crediting the source of this software, you can download the file from In case you don’t wanna join in there, you can download the file of Ad Banner Remover Lite from the links below.

Download | Mirror

It is a rar compression. That why you need a rar extractor (usually WinRar or 7zip for Open Source free if you dont have WinRar) and then just use it. Make sure you had installed the Yahoo Messenger first before patching it with this Abrlite.

How to Use it?

Just extract the rar file and run the software.

Credit for Image and Source Link: Viprasys.Org