Anti Boot Protection on Yahoo Messenger Part II

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As We promised yesterday, that we will write Anti Boot Protection on Yahoo Mesenger Part II, now here, we bring to you the part 2 of Boot Protection. Before we continue to write this post, you may need to understand that this post will include some part of using Public ID or Alias ID. If you not familiar with this word just visit and read my older article discussing Public ID Alias ID Secondary ID of Yahoo Messenger. You should understand how to set Secondary ID to inactive or active. Actually, we can say this Boot Protection part II as Anti Boot using Secondary Alias ID of Yahoo Messenger.

Boot Protection using Alias ID

We believe you usually face getting boot when you are in chat room of Yahoo Messenger. This trick how to make and use Alias ID as Anti Boot also need to be used in chat room. So, please use your Secondary ID not the Main ID or Default ID to enter / join whatever chat room that you like. Then the boot protection will start like this:

Then go to My Profiles (You should use Yahoo Messenger Version 8 – version 9 doesn’t have this features, version 7 or 6 could be used but it sound that this version would be retired by yahoo on august 2009). Usually My profiles can be open under Tab of Messenger. Then After My Profiles Windows active, just Inactive it the secondary ID that You join in Chat Room. This will make your ID never get booted ever after because of your ID in fact are inactive or die.

The Secret

Even though you Secondary ID that been inactivated is die, you can chat in chat room normally, you can send text message, voice message even webcam. The only thing that happen is you never see the text conversation in chat room using inactive Alias ID. To cover this disability, just use another Yahoo ID using Multiple ID and join the same room as same as your inactive ID. This Second Multi ID only use to see the conversation that happen in chat room, not to use to chat in there.

Tips: if you have a problem using Official Yahoo Messenger Client, you can also inactivate or activate your alias ID using third party ym chat client such as Portable YAM or JAM (On Main Windows of JAM / YAM just right click on the alias ID that you want to inactive it).

Happy Chat and make your self unbootable ever after.

ps: Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger logo are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc