Gyachi – Yahoo Messenger for Linux with Webcam Voice n Chat Room

Gyachi is the name of this YM Chat Client for Linux. We don’t tested this Client is working properly or not at this time. We wonder about this because of the latest update of Gyachi Yahoo Messenger for Linux was at 2007. Yahoo has change a lot since that time, including retiring the old Yahoo Messenger Protocol (used in Yahoo Messenger Version 6 and 7.5 or lower than that). But don’t worry, some of Gyachi said that it still works well until now.

Features in Gyachi: Webcam, Voice, Chat Room

As YM Client, Gyachi has common features such as access to view and use Webcam that would allow you to chat with your friend face to face (Cam to Cam) / Video Chat, and also has Voice Chat, access to Chat Room, Emoticons Set (hidden include) and many more.

The bad news is, Gyachi seems didn’t designed to protect from Boot Attack. Gyachi hasn’t Anti Boot System.

Download Gyachi Yahoo Messenger for Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Edgy, and etc)

You can download this YM Client for Linux at official download page here. Or alternatively you can download from the links below.

For Ubuntu user (.deb file):
For 32-bit: gyachi_1.2.2-1~jaunty_i386.deb
For 62-bit: gyachi_1.2.2-1~jaunty_amd64.deb

or Karmic
For 32-bit: gyachi_1.2.2-2~karmic_i386.deb

Alternative Client Yahoo Messenger for Linux

If you like to use Multi Protocol Messenger you can use Pidgin to Chat in Yahoo. Pidgin has features to access Chat Room just like the Gyanchi but no Webcam!.

If you like to use Anti Boot Chat Client Yahoo Messenger in Linux, you can try to use Yahaven in Linux by using Wine.