Portable Yahoo Messenger 8.1 n Portable YM 9.0

[For Portable Yahoo Messenger 10 you download it at here] We ever told you that you can use Portable Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger by using third party chat client that works portable such  as Yam Chat Client or Jam Chat Client. Portable Application, as you may knew, is a kind of application that did not need to install in your computer or PC to operate or run it and use it. All we have to do just run directly from the storage disk.

Because the ability to run separately or independently from computer without need installation, therefore portable application can be stored in removable storage disk such as CD, SD Memory Stick, Flash Disk and more.

Portable Yahoo Messenger

Therefore, Portable Yahoo Messenger, is Yahoo Messenger application that can be run portable without need installation. You can plug in the storage disk such as flash disk to the computer and then just run the Yahoo Messenger directly from there without installation action need.

Feature available for Yahoo Messenger Portable are almost the same as the Yahoo Messenger Original (need to install): Contact List, Webcam Viewer, File Sharing, Photos Sharing, Chat Room, IM, Conferences, Emoticons, and more

Free Download Portable Yahoo Messenger 8.1 n 9.0

At this time, After we searching on the net, We finally found the Yahoo Messenger that works Portable in Version 8.1 and 9.0. Or we can say its as Portable Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and Portable Yahoo Messenger 9.0.

Free Download Portable YM 8.1 at RapidShare: Download
Free Download Portable YM 9.0 at RapidShare: Download

Note: Remember if you don’t want to use Portable Yahoo Messenger, you can also Web Messenger to chat without need to install the chat client or messenger client on your computer.