VC Guard Beta – Yahaven Voice Protection

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFor Yahaven Chat Users, you must be knew that Yahaven can be used to chat with Voice, especially when we are in Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger. Usually, in chat room, we got bothered from lagger that being lagging our vc voice. If we got lagged, then we can used our VC in chat. This might be like that our VC has been freezing in. But, dont worry, Yahaven has a beautiful feature that can handle this problem. It is calls Yahaven VC Guard. Even though the VC Guard still in Beta Version or VC Guard Beta, this tools of Yahaven Voice still work good enough.

How to use VC Guard Beta for Yahaven

You should configure VC Guard Beta first then you can use VC Guard along with Yahaven. Below We give you a short tutorial how to use VC Guard Beta that We taken from Yahaven official VC Guard Beta page:

Configure VC Guard

To configure VC Guard to work with Yahaven! follow these instructions once you have installed it on your pc…

This step is only required once (not each time you open VC Guard)

1) Open VC Guard, you will see a ‘silver knight’ icon in the system tray
2) Right click on the ‘silver knight’ icon and click ‘Protect’, browse to the directory you installed Yahaven! to, the default directory is ‘Program Files\Dream\Yahaven!’ and select the ‘Yahaven!.exe’

Using VC Guard with Yahaven!

In order to get VC Guard to work with Yahaven! I have found I have to open Yahaven! before opening VC Guard, so I do these simple steps…

1) Open Yahaven!
2) Open VC Guard
3) Join a room and enable voice, the ‘silver knight’ icon should now be a ‘purple knight’ You should now be protected!

Download VC Guard Beta

You can download VC Guard at the link that we give you below. Make sure you feel save downloading this software by scanned first with your AntiVirus software. VC Guard, as long as we knew, is free to use and download.

Free Download VC Guard Beta at 4Shared: Download
Free Download VC Guard Beta at MediaFire: Download
Free Download VC Guard Beta at RapidShare: Download
Free Download VC Guard Beta at Shinkaiho: Download

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