www.Yahaven.net is closed down?

For yahaven lover, or anyone who ever used yahaven chat client, you may got some kind of bad news relating with yahaven. Almost a week (might be more), I try to access the latest version (or the latest update of yahaven that might be released by the developer), and got a shock fact: www.yahaven.net can’t be accessed!

Yes, the official website of yahaven at www.yahaven.net is gone! It said every time you try to open it: Server not found! Even when you try to googling it, the site was gone out of the list on SERP of google. What going on with this?

This could be means that there is no continuation of yahaven supports in the future if this is still happen. Yahaven is one of the good chat client of yahoo messenger, good anti boot, and good software. We’ll be missing it. If you face any problem when using yahaven, and the problem seemly need to resolve by updating the software (such as login problem with yahoo new server login), this could be means that there is no solution for you problem. I hope this happen only temporary and www.yahaven.net would revive again and meet us again.

I also hope that the continuation of yahaven update would available by forum to forum of mail list to mail list, just like ymlite, yhook or others.