Yahaven Chat Client Download and Review

Yahaven LogoYahaven is another 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. It means that Yahaven is unofficial chat client of Yahoo Messenger. If you want another alternative chat client, Yahaven may be the one that I will suggest it to you. Together with some of yahoo messenger chat client tools such as VC Guard or Ghost ID, Yahaven makes a friendly and safely chat client. Created and developed by  Dream, Yahaven provides a lot of Yahoo Messenger Tools that may not able to find at others 3rd Party chat client.

Short Review About Yahaven

According to Yahaven official website at www.yahaven.net, Yahaven will brings us antiboot protection while we are in chat room–usually we got booted when we went to chat room yahoo messenger. With Ghost Mode and Chat Shield mod Yahaven is unbootable. What is Ghost Mode and Chat Shield Mode? We give you an explanation about those mode in the next articles (We wrote this as promise: Tutorial how to use chat Shield and Ghost ID in Yahaven ). Yahaven also provides us Winamp Status notification in chat room, give us invisible checker, and even deny buddy tools also given in. This may be the great Chat Clients ever been build in.

Our Experiences using Yahaven

First times we used Yahaven, this 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger has friendly and easy to use and handle. And the most important Yahaven tools is Chat Shield. Chat Shield protect us from being booted or another hazardous activities, even though we have to understand that using Chat Shield we must make alias ID or secondary Public ID. Tattoo, Invisible Checker, Deny Buddy Tool, also make Yahaven a complete tools to make chat in Yahoo Messenger. We recommend you to use Yahaven as your main chat client or network chat of YM.

Yahaven Features: Winamp support, Voice Ignore, Server/Speed testers,Tattoo’s, Multiline Messages, Individual volume settings, Automatic reduction of large font sizes, Background colours & images, Advanced Filters, Advanced Wildcards. Optional: VC Guard, New Smileys Package.

Uniqueness and useful features: As We said above, Ghost ID and Chat Shield was the great features from Yahaven. Invisible Checker, Deny Buddy, cool interface user, and tattoo also unique feature available in Yahaven. Yahaven Auto Updater also give special thing in this chat client.

Lack of Yahaven: As long as We knew, We not able to use Yahaven to join conference. When we try to invite and ID that use Yahaven to the conference room, Yahaven did not response. We can not find the tools to join or make conference room in Yahaven. Or may be we just don’t understand to use it. We don’t know.

Version History of Yahaven

The newest Version of Yahaven is Yahaven Version 3.0.1 . Yahaven Version 3.0.1 works with Windows® Vista™ 32-bit, 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

Install Yahaven in your Linux (Tested in Ubuntu Linux)

If you like to install Yahaven in your ubuntu linux, you can use wine to do that. For full tutorial how to use Yahaven in Linux (Ubuntu) just visit: Yahaven for Linux Yahoo Messenger Client for Ubuntu

Download Yahaven

To Download Yahaven you can visit Yahaven official website at www.yahaven.net (Note: yahaven.net is back but without new update from the author: Mr. Peter Hart after been closed down for a while) or you can download from alternative links below. Yahaven is freeware software so don’t hesitate to use it and download it. If you want to make a donation via Paypal you can load your donation at Yahaven official website (paypal donation button seems had been removed).

Download Yahaven Installer Version 3.0.1 at yahaven.net: Download
Yahaven Version 3.0.1 at 2Shared: Download
Yahaven Ver 2.7.7 Beta (Note: Not Really Recommended to use though, and I’m not sure it’s really the “real” official beta version or not: beware!): Download at 4shared
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.6 at yahaven.net: Download zipped | Download exe files
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.6 at 2shared: Download
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.6 at at mediafire: Download
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.6 at yourfilehost: Download Yahaven
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.6 at filesavr: Download Yahaven
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.1 at yourfilehost: Download Yahaven
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.1 at filesavr: Download Yahaven
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.0 at 4Shared: Download Yahaven
Download Yahaven Version 2.7.0 at 2Shared: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.6.5 at 2Shared: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.6.0 at 4shared: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.5.5 at MediaFire: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.5.4 on RapidShare: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.5.4 on YourFileHost: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.5.3 at IrishGaming: Download Yahaven
Free Download Yahaven Version 2.5.3 at RapidShare: Download Yahaven

Yahaven Tutorial Tips: Make Yahaven Unbootable

If you want to use Yahaven Unbootable, see our article here.

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  1. bennie says

    with yahaven chat client i keep getting error message message saying parseString error : invalid procedure call or argument

  2. says

    cant see any activities in the room but they can see my post someone can help me pls? :( i already uninstall and reinstall it..

  3. nikita says

    This Chat Client is Good.
    But it does not store, IM Archives.
    Thats the major drawback of this client.

  4. cup says

    this my yahaven dont have a voice conference and i cant log in to my yahaven.i so much like yahaven:((

  5. Rusty says

    Helen is an inconsiderate & ungrateful moron! She needs to be more appreciative of information given FREE by others and the time they put into it.
    I just learned of Yahaven by reading this blog. I understood perfectly every idea conveyed by the author with no confusion.
    Thanksfor the info!

  6. chatmania says

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    Personally, We admitted that our writing are not good enough. We just want to share. If you didn’t understand or didn’t get any information that you looking for, Just close this site immediately and find other sites.

    We learn English by writing in this blog. So we still Learning… Day by Day

  7. Helen says

    I’ve only got one thing to say… You really need to have someone edit and proofread your writing. It’s terrible and detracts from the information you’re providing. This wouldn’t be a bad site at all if you’d proofread and used proper spelling and grammar.

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