Yahoo Messenger Chat Clients Checker Detector Scanner

If We use Official Yahoo Messenger such as YM Version 9 Final, while we are in chat room, we never be able to know whether the person or users in chat room using official chat client YM, or 3rd party chat clients such as Yazak, Yahaven, YahElite, YmLite etc. This could be different if we use YahElite, Yahaven, Yazak, Yam, or others 3rd Party Chat Clients of YM. With those chat clients we are able to view, find and know the chat client of the users that in Chat Room. Whether they use Yazak, or Yahaven or Official ones.

Yahoo Messenger Chat Client Detector Checker

Don’t worry, if you still want to know what chat client that user Yahoo ID in chat room used, you can install and run the Yahoo Tools Chat Room Application called as Client Detect. With Client Detect, without using Yazak or Yahaven or others, you still able to know and find the correct client of the users. With this Y Tools, you can scan, find then check and detect the clients that been used by the user of Yahoo in Chat Room.

Compatibility of Yahoo Client Detect

With Client Detect you can check Yazak, Yahelite, Yahaven, YHook, YmLite Clients.

Download Client Detect

As long as we knew Client Detect is free. If We wrong just mention us. Don’t forget to scan it first with you best antivirus applications. This for your own save of your computer system, especially if you use Windows Operating System

Free Download Client Detect at Rapishare: Download